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Carrer Sant Mauricci

Carrer Sant Mauricci 1

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Thank you for looking at my track.

This is Carrer Sant Maurrici a hill climb race venue ( I think it was used as a hill climb for cycles).
The course is based on an actual road that I have driven up a few times when I was on holiday which was a fun place to drive, so decided to try and bring it to Assetto Corsa. The layout is pretty close as I used Race Track builder to make it.

This is the 1st course I have made and really enjoyed it building it.
Alot of the features here are what the comunity have made available to use in Race Track builder so a big thanks to everyone who's resources I have used.

It takes about 2 minutes to go from bottom to top, there are 2 check points and a speed trap, which when I do my own events I use the reply to capture the times, and have added lots of cameras. I am reaching around 150-165mph depending on the car through the speed trap. ( I tend to use the BMW Judd)

The track is bumpy in places, which I feel adds to the realism. There are a few bits of scenery which you can fall through, not sure why that happens.

Hope you enjoy it!

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