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Lotus 2014 Livery

Lotus 2014 Livery 1.1

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F1 2021 FOM car livery of the 2014 Lotus F1 Team livery

Perfect for anyone doing, or looking to do a Lotus MyTeam save

Once downloaded and unzipped read the note inside and follow the instructions to install it into your game

IMPORTANT - This livery replaces the Casper Akkerman Livery so make sure you own that livery before installing

Lotus livery pic.png

Latest updates

  1. Lotus 2014 Livery

    Updated the Livery file to include all the FOM engine suppliers

Latest reviews

It doesn't work bro. I have only the emblem, there is no car :(
i followed the instructions to but only get the emblem.... no car
Only have the Badget but not the livery
looks nice but doesn´t work, i only see the emblem
had a little bot of trouble but then i went into ego rp and moved thhe akkerman erp d and s tif onto the fom car and now its all working
The problem continues for me and it's weird, because all other liveries here (such as Jordan, Lamborghini or Maserati) worked on the game, except this one. And i want to start my team mode with Lotus Renault. I only have the logo, nothing else. No livery, no suit, no gloves. Maybe some files are missing, because i already verify the game files and copy paste it again, nothing.
Great livery! Nice job!
Great Skin but i think that livery of 2012 is more beautiful. Good job
great livery
Sorry, but i followed the instructions and i only have the Lotus F1 logo, the livery is missed. Don't know why :(
Sorry about that, I have just updated it to include all of the FOM suppliers so it should now work with all MyTeam Engine choices. :)
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