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  1. Samalam

    Lotus 2014 Livery 1.1

    F1 2021 FOM car livery of the 2014 Lotus F1 Team livery Perfect for anyone doing, or looking to do a Lotus MyTeam save Once downloaded and unzipped read the note inside and follow the instructions to install it into your game IMPORTANT - This livery replaces the Casper Akkerman Livery so make...
  2. R

    Formula RSS 4 - F1 livery pack 1.0

    Did anyone ask for this? No. Is this at all necessary? No. Is it cool? Kinda. There's no theme or specific era with these skins. Some of them have custom helmets and tyres, some dont. Williams FW14 - Nigel Mansell John Player Special - Ayrton Senna Jaguar R5 - Mark Webber Leyton House...
  3. HeskeyBoy21

    Replace Renault - Lotus F1 Team E24 Fantasy Pack 1.01 - Team Pack Update

    MyTeam (v1.02) Version - MOD HERE Preview Mod (v1.01) - VIDEO HERE HeskeyBoy21: "After completing my Bachelor's Degree at Uni (First Class Honours!!!!:D), I took some time to wind down, drink, celebrate! The finally I could create a new mod before F1 2021 comes out!". " :(. Please help out I...
  4. thejqka

    LOTUS Geely Formula 1 Team - RSS Formula Hybrid 2021 1.0

    To install just drag the folder in the .zip into .../steam/steamapps/common/assettocorsa Hey there folks! Had this one on my bucketlist for while... Lotus returning to Formula 1, loud and proud! Bringing back Jenson Button and Roman Grosjean as theire driver-lineup! Included in this...

    SCIBSOUND Lotus Elise SC sound mod 1.0

    Hello ! Here is a new sound for the Lotus Elise SC For installation: - save the files present in the "sfx" folder of the car (assettocorsa \ content \ cars \ ... \ sfx) to restore them if you don't like the new sound, - copy the downloaded files into the "assettocorsa" folder, If you like the...
  6. N

    Ferrari F2002 - Lotus JPS Skin V1.0

    Lotus John Player Special livery for the F2002. Inspired by both the 80s cars and the 2012 Lotus F1 car (see period correct Total logos). Car #26 for Anthony Davidson and car #27 for Justin Wilson. Might come up with proper helmets in future updates.
  7. ernestopaniccia

    2012 Lotus for Formula Hybrid 2021 1.0

    2012 Lotus for RSS Formula Hybrid 2021
  8. Langheck_917

    Pete Lovely Lotus 49 (Brands Hatch 1970) 1.1

    This is a replica of Pete Lovely's Lotus 49 (R11) as it ran in the 1970 Race of Champions at Brands Hatch in 1970. It can be used with the Lotus 49C model published by Legion. To quote the F1 wiki, Pete Lovely was a United States driver and businessman. He owned a very successful Volkswagen...
  9. thejqka

    LOTUS Geely Guiness Formula 1 Team - RSS Formula Hybrid 2021 V 1.0

    Hey there folks! Black - Gold - Lotus Is there more to say? The pack includes two cars, gloves, suit, pitcrew and pitboards. Get the car here - https://racesimstudio.com/shop if you don't already have it! I hope you like it, enjoy! Feedback, ideas and other comments are welcome! Cheers...
  10. Whalenap

    Farina Competizione Huracan GT3 evo 1.2

    This livery is clearly a reference to Lotus F1 team, late 70's and early 80's visual black & gold identity. Anyway, the sponsors are not vintage and the global design intends to show a modern rendering. More content from my collection is available here, as I share at least two skins by month...
  11. Haze Racing Design

    Team Lotus - RSS Formula Hybrid 2021 1.0

    #5 Team Lotus Ford Livery Pack, for the amazing Race Sim Studio FH21. What might lotus look like if they were still in F1 today? Buy the car here - https://racesimstudio.com/shop if you don't already have it! Car #05 S. Vettel Tyres thanks to @TheSourceOfTheNile You Do Not have permission to...
  12. Deputy Dawg


    Lotus Eleven skin Mod with 11 skins V1.5 Mike Hawthorn, Carol Shelby, Richard Attwood, Jackie Stewart, Graham Hill, Jim Clark, Roy Salvadori, Ron Flockhart etc
  13. H

    8 skins pack | Reflex V12R 1.3

    Eight skins for JH/Design Reflex V12R. Four are brand new, four are improved reuploads of my earlier skins. - Toyota Gazoo Racing based on GR010 - Lamborghini Squadra Corse, largely based on Essenza SCV12 - Lotus black livery based on Lotus F1 team colors from 2012-2015 - Retro green-yelow...
  14. Ferrari2016

    1986 John Player Special Lotus 98T | Formula Hybrid 2020 V1.00

    JOHN PLAYER SPECIAL LOTUS RENAULT 98T Welcome to the 1986 John Player Special Lotus Renault 98T. Mod Includes: - #12 Livery - Ayrton Senna Driver Suit, Gloves & Helmet - Goodyear Eagle Tyres Don't forget to leave a review & rating! Enjoy!
  15. Ferrari2016

    Lotus Cosworth T127 - RSS Formula 2000 V10 V1.00

    Welcome to the 2010 Team Lotus Cosworth T127 Livery On RaceSimStudio's Formula 2000 V10! Be sure to leave a review and follow me over on Instagram @tomeddie.14 for regular updates on new livery creations! If you like the livery then you are welcome to donate towards my work if you so wish to.
  16. jeanvendors

    Blender skin for Lotus Evora 1.0

    Blender-themed livery for Lotus Evora GTC and GX. Should work when "Blender" folder is dropped into either car's skins folder. skin.ini and ui.json files included.
  17. Dashingdude

    My Team Random Livery 1.15

    A random My team livery with the main sponsor being Samsung!
  18. Pasta2000

    Japan GP 1966 - Lotus Elite #1 1.0

    Bob Hathaway's Lotus Elite was to be the last car to finish the 1966 Japan GP, 3rd in its class. Custom made decals and ini file. Enjoy! Join the Japanese Motorsport history discord archive: https://discord.gg/eTsX42m8h3
  19. Valdsak

    Lotus E2004 (Ferrari F2004 skin) 1.0

    Hello everyone ! This is my first skin for Assetto Corsa and I'm sharing it with you ! The skin is inspired by the 2010's Lotus era, mainly 2012, and is for the Ferrari F2004 from kunos. I designed it to be used for a 2004 season so the cars are number 22 and 23. The tyres are Michelin skin...
  20. A

    Lotus 49b Gold Leaf Skin 1.0

    Legion Lotus 49b Gold Leaf Skin. I've fixed the "classic team lotus" of the original livery and changed a bit the gold Mod link is in the txt files inside the archive.