1. thejqka

    "Mini-F1" - Formula 1 ICONS - MAD Formula Team MFT02 1.2

    Hey guys! Get ready to race! Add to your MFT02 collection with these Iconic F1 liveries! The pack features now 12 of the most iconic looks from the decades, but I plan on regularly updating this pack. Feel free to leave suggestions! BrawnGP - 2009 Ferrari 312T - 1975 JPS Lotus Gulf...
  2. Tecno_165

    Lotus 72 - Loctite Team Lotus #33 1.0

    Here's another red car.
  3. Tecno_165

    Lotus 79 - Camel Team Lotus Honda #2 1.0

    This livery is based on the Lotus 100T that raced in the 1988 Formula One season.
  4. Tecno_165

    Lotus 79 - UOP Shadow Racing #16 1.0

    What if Tom Pryce lived past 1977 and raced in the ground effects era? This is a little tribute to one of the most underrated racing drivers in Formula One.
  5. Tecno_165

    Lotus 98T - Kuroiracing Team #80 1.0

    Driven by Gunma Akagi in 1986 for Kuroiracing Team based in Japan. I hope that somebody here understands what this livery is loosely based on.
  6. Tecno_165

    Lotus 79 - Team Shell #74 1.0

    Driven by Lars Bjorklund in 1979 for Team Shell based in the Netherlands. This is an old livery from 2022 that I'm uploading.
  7. Tecno_165

    Lotus 79 - BP Octane Racing #37 1.1

    Driven by Alexander White in 1979 for BP Octane Racing based in England. This is an old livery from 2022 that I'm uploading.
  8. Tecno_165

    Lotus 79 - Matchbox Racing #72 1.0

    Driven by Oliver Morel in 1979 for Matchbox Racing based in England. This is an old livery from 2022 that I'm uploading.
  9. Tecno_165

    Lotus 79 - Agip Racing #25 1.0

    Driven by Thomas Johnson in 1979 for Agip Racing based in North America. This is an old livery from 2022 that I'm uploading.
  10. Tecno_165

    Lotus 79 - Cessna Racing Canada #21 1.0

    Driven by Dylan Russell in 1979 for Cessna Racing Canada based in Canada. This is an old livery from 2022 that I'm uploading.
  11. Tecno_165

    Lotus 79 - Team Duckhams #20 1.0

    Driven by Spencer Byrne in 1979 for Team Duckhams based in England. This is an old livery from 2022 that I'm uploading.
  12. Tecno_165

    Lotus 79 - Longines Racing #9 1.0

    Driven by Elio Rametta in 1979 for Longines Racing based in Italy. This is an old livery from 2022 that I'm uploading.
  13. Automobilista 2 | December Development Update Released

    Automobilista 2 | December Development Update Released

    Reiza Studios have released their Automobilista 2 December Development Update. In it, you can read all about what is coming up for the racing sim. We'll briefly go over the main points here. Updates on Upcoming DLC 6 packs of DLC have been announced to still release for the 2020-2022 season...
  14. SiP

    Lotus F1 Fic. LECLERC Helmet Modular Mods 1.0

    LECLERC Lotus F1 Fic. MyTeam add. There will not be any updates on this.:confused: It is just a quick work i made for my own system but why not share it with u guys. :thumbsup: Lotus F1 Fic. MyTeam Mod lg SIP
  15. SiP

    Lotus F1 Fic. MyTeam Modular Mods 1.2

    Lotus F1 Team #Car #Helmet #Driversuit #Badge (paintable) #Teampack + LECLERC Lotus Helmet + TSUNODA Lotus Helmet >! there will be updates (next update: v1.3-teampack quality update) INSTALL: use MODULAR MODS Put all ".erp" files from "Season - 1(MER)" folder into ur "_ACTIVE" folder. lg SIP
  16. B

    Lotus Renault F1 Team 1.1

    A mod I created to switch the Alpine F1 Team into the Lotus Renault F1 Team. It switches: livery, team name, logo and driver suits. If you have any issues with the mod please contact me. To Install: Unzip the .pak file, locate your Paks folder for F1 Manager 22 under...
  17. thejqka

    John Player Special Lotus Formula 1 Team - Concept - RSS Formula 2000 1.0

    Hey guys! This livery brings the iconic JPS black and gold to the RSS Formula 2000. I hope you like it! :D Of course this comes a a complete team-package, including a custom pitcrew and box! Big thank you again to Bence for the amazing ( yet to come :] ) screenshots! Check out is IG...
  18. M

    Carbon look skin for opriginal Kunos Lotus 2-Eleven GT4 1

    Simple carbon look skin for the original Kunos Lotus 2-Eleven GT4. No CSP required.
  19. Santi007

    Team Lotus My Team 1.0

    TEAM LOTUS MOD FOR F1 22 MY TEAM MODE Team inspired by Lotus brand and its all-time F1 sponsors. MOD FEATURES Standard package: Emblem Car (default and customizable) Driversuit You need to use Calibration skins or Mystic for the customizable car. Find me on social networks and Patreon...
  20. PierRacer

    Lotus 2-Eleven Official Colours Skinpack 1.0

    The car comes with only one official colour and without the logo 2-Eleven on the side, so I modified the red one and added other 4 colours from the factory. However they are not exactly perfect and the resolution is a bit low, better than nothing. Enjoy this skinpack. P.S. The red one will...