Logitech G27 Modification 1.0

G27, tyres + fuel mix in gearstick, brake balance in wheelbuttons, just using logitech profiler

  1. Iko Rein

    Reposting this per new forum/mods rules.

    I didn't want to use 3rd party software to assign actions to the G27 shifter or to the buttons on the wheel. I got that working with F1 2012 after some testing. So I tested my settings with F1 2013 and they worked too, so I decided to share these.

    This package has two files, modified actionmap\G27 racing wheel.xml and logitech profiler .xml file for the AppData directory.

    Check the ReadMe.txt for installation instructions.

    I use these settings, but take this more of a proof of concept and modify it to your liking.

    With this package you will get these controls:

    * Steering wheel buttons
    Top Left - KERS
    Mid Left - CAR STATUS
    Bot Left - DRS

    Top Right - Brakes front
    Mid Right - Brakes middle
    Bot Right - Brakes back

    * Gear stick top row
    Gear 1 - Lean mix
    Gear 3 - Standard mix
    Gear 5 - Rich mix

    * Gear stick bottom row
    Gear 2 - Prime tyres
    Gear 4 - Option tyres
    Gear 6 - Intermediate tyres
    Reverse - Wet tyres.

    * Also added keyboard for look around
    Delete key - look left
    End key - look back
    Page down - look right
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