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Telemetry Tool for AC 11.4

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I have been developing this Telemetry for quite some time for the F1 games + some other games. I have had AC quite long time, but never played it much. Lately I discovered the wealth of mod tracks, and there were many I wanted to drive on, so I also decided to make my tool to work with AC.

This tool uses shared memory data + the UDP data to show data about your own car. This is mainly to make you a better driver. As the AC doesn't provide data about other cars during races, this tool for AC is bit limited on what it can provide.

PC data
The data acquisition is done for PC version via the SHMEM-to-UDP relay (ac_sharedmemory_relay.exe), which reads the shared memory and sends the data out via UDP. This way you can run the Telemetry on different computer than where you run AC.

For receiving the UDP data from consoles, the tool needs to be configured to connect the right IP address. You set this in the Settings --> AC Settings dialog. If the settings are correct, the tool will keep connecting to the AC running on the console and you will receive some data. The UDP feed is bit limited though, as there is no way to detect track, so you need to set the track from the Telemetry tool each time you change track.

The installation is quite straight forward with PCs. Just unzip the package. Then start the tool with runWin_AC.bat (start the AC_Relay + the Telemetry tool), start AC, start driving and you should receive the data.

Install help and more data
For more detailed information, check the ReadMe.txt and my youtube videos at

New trackmaps
There are trackmaps for all the tracks in the game + for some mods I have driven. If you are using some other modes, you can create the track map for those quite easily. Check the AC help on the help on how to create the trackmaps.

Enjoy, and get faster.


Some screenshots



Latest updates

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    New version 11.4 is here. It took bit longer than anticipated to get it out of the door...
  2. Telemetry Tool for AC

    New version 11.3 is here. Largest addition is the new 'Workspace'. In short this is like the...
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Latest reviews

Just downloaded it and trying to make track map for daytona road course, and it won't register the laps, plus for some reason there is no settings folder.
what a man, u are the best, thanks for you're great work man
Gracias por la aplicación! una consulta se podría hacer telemetría de tu vuelta y la de algún piloto que este en ese momento en pista? como se hace? o solo se puede con nuestras vueltas. saludos y gracias
Great tools.....
but I still confuse how to use these in a single PC ?
had been setting up here and there but still not connected to its Live telemetry ...

is there any step by step instruction setting in ONE / SINGLE PC ?
Hey man, great tool, I use it every time with pretty much all my sims!
I do have one issue with assetto corsa though, sometimes it doesn't save the .csv file for the first lap of a race, I'm trying to identify the problem by doing further testing, I think it only happens with non Kunos tracks, but I don't recall this happening in older versions so it might be a new bug.
oh and by the way, a similar thing happens with the point to point tracks in project cars 2, like california highway or azure coast, the telemetry data is visible while driving but it doesn't save to .csv at the end of the race.
Iko Rein
Thanks for the note.

This has been fixed in the upcoming 10.7, which will be out at the same time as the F1 2021 is released.

If you want to access the fixed version earlier, please PM me and I will send you link to the beta.

good job!! thanks for this fantastic software i use in f12019 and it works perfectly but i have a problem when i run AC.
The data can be recorded but i did't load lap, i see only live telemetry.
can you help me please?
Really great tool for manny Racing Sims! But lately i cant get it to start. When i run one of the batch files on some games the relay starts but then the tool itself isnt showing up. Even if launched as admin. Can you help ;)?
Iko Rein
If you still get the icon at the taskbar, then the position of the main window is for some reason bad. Just delete the setting.xml files in the settings directories. That will reset the position of the main window.

If there is no icon, I would just do a test install to a new location to see, if the tool works from that location.
Great App and easy to use.
Is it possible to save the data for later??
Iko Rein
The tool saves the lap data into the lapdata directory. In case of ACC, the data is in lapdata\ACC. And if you have enabled the opponent laps, then they are stored in opponent_laps\ACC.
When you press CTRL-O to open the saved files, the tool will by default open the lapdata directory for the current game. Then you can load one of the laps and it will be set as the RED lap.
Check the help file for more details.
Great job!

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Iko Rein
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