Linas Montlhery

Linas Montlhery 1.21

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I am proud to share Famous track Linas Montlhery in France for Assetto Corsa

- 3 layouts (Anneau, Court, Long)
- 15 Pit box
- Working in all mode with AI
- Replay cameras

Mega thanks to philcout and TheSky to give me the rights to share this fantastic track for Assetto Corsa
Calimero 0euf
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117.5 MB
First release
Last update
4.69 star(s) 36 ratings

Latest updates

  1. Linas Montlhery v1.21

    Linas Montlhery v1.21 - AI fastline updated (Thank you Rainmaker)
  2. Linas Montlhery update v1.2

    Linas Montlhery update v1.2 - Fixed 30 slots - Some walls modified to reflect exactly the real...
  3. Linas Montlhery v1.01

    Linas Montlhery update v1.01 - 15 pits added for a total of 30 cars in race - Light shaders...

Latest reviews

Just discovered this. And i like it..
One of the best classic tracks ! Thank you !
Magnifico! excelente trabajo. Gracias por tu gran esfuerzo.
Very good layout, but lacks a lot of kinks and compression and jumps (and area with grass on the tarmac) plus grip changes.
Really great ! It would be nice if we could have the actual version of the short track we see in the last events in 2019 (with the new chicane) !
cool ça rappelle le festival japancars
super boulot
Thank you.. fun track
Excellent travail
A nice addition for those of us who like historic racing
Simple but nice layout, properly valued by a great job.
Great job
Thanks for this great addition. i lived near this track during my childhood, and it's a very pleasure to ride on your version. But could you prepare the very long version
A very fine mod. But sometimes, especially in the long version, i´m missing the distance signs and rubber wear in the break zones.

One suggestion: is it possible to have full oval version without chicanes? Oval tracks are a rare good...
great work,thank you
Nice Work, Thanks for Sharing!!!
Very good job, my home track :)

"during replays, there is a odd rectangle just above the horizon that follows your car as you drive" +1 and it will be perfect!!
Love the layouts and how the tracks look. Two small issues: Firstly, during replays, there is a odd rectangle just above the horizon that follows your car as you drive. Secondly, after overshooting the first chicane on the oval track, I discovered that the ambulance has no substance and I just shot straight through it! Maybe a solid object (like a small fence or tyre wall) might be a good addition to these areas of the track - maybe they're not there in real life, but I believe they would add to the experience.

Looking forward to future updates.