Lightning McBoris 2017-11-10

"That Car from That Movie" skin for Lada 2101 A2

  1. Sharpy Bonfire
    Lightning McBoris skin for Lada 2101 A2 group 1.0.3 ( )

    Please leave a rating if you like the skin and if you do not, leave a comment why so I can try to improve!

    Note: I know the text on tyres are mirrored on other side but cannot do anything about that.... They were just so important part of theme I could not leave them out completely...


Recent Reviews

  1. BrainsBush
    Version: 2017-11-10
    looks funny and good detail! made my (16 yr) son also laugh. so thanks!
  2. Edivad82
    Version: 2017-11-10
    Funny! Thank you!
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