LegaCorsa.com Audi TT-Cup skins by SecondSkins.nl 1.3

A extensive set of custom skins used by our 16 races World tour

  1. OzBoz

    For our league at legacorsa.com I created a base skin. A bit because I think the real Audi skins look a bit boring. What started with one became a ordering system where drivers could pick their own colors, logo etc. What started small is now a big grid of 36 customised cars which look great in racing and replay.

    19243120_10210505437580920_182764686473230949_o.jpg 19264622_10210505437380915_2165867019046283186_o.jpg 19390497_10210489166494153_8537896089011746889_o.jpg 19400535_10210489166454152_5220530895659896965_o.jpg 19467668_10210505437540919_4806818288289628882_o.jpg 19944675_10213541564476662_2693352087182193661_o.jpg

    All skins have different glossy/matte mapping and of course different colors. Some skins have also custom dirt applied so they never drive a really clean car. Next to the car the drivers and the outfit of the crew is matching with the colors of the car.

    Although the grid is pretty filled up, tomorrow we're start with first race out of four in Germany. As long as there is space there is a guest car waiting for you.


    Oscar / SecondSkins.nl / Other skins from me


    1. 19243120_10210505437580920_182764686473230949_o.jpg
    2. 19243120_10210505437580920_182764686473230949_o.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Laurence Dusoswa
    Laurence Dusoswa
    Version: 1.3
  2. maranello78
    Version: 1.3
    There´s no doubt, isn´t there any skinpack like this one, absolutely stunning, brilliant!! love your designs, thank you very much, no doubt 5 Stars for you!!!
  3. matias918
    Version: 1.3
    nice layout , and great color combination
    1. OzBoz
      Author's Response
      Thanks! Everyone could pick their own colours which was fun because there are a lot of combinations I wouldn't have thought of. And it made the car pretty personal so after a few races people know who they were fighting on track.
  4. reckonair
    Version: 1.3
    Amazing League, Amazing Racing, Amazing People, Amazing Skins.
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