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Le Mans/Le Grand Circuit 1967 real sponsors

Le Mans/Le Grand Circuit 1967 real sponsors 0.1

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As soon as I saw this track in RF2 some time ago, I thought about changing the fake sponsors into real ones. Well, here it is. A very,very early version of my attempt. Obviously there's tonnes of banners, signs etc. still missing, but I wanted to upload this to have at least something in the game. V0.1 Has the major billboards covered, plus the correct "Martini" lettering on the house roof. Also Esso Boy is there to welcome drivers...
My PS skills are very basic so I decided to start with these.
To install unzip and drop the "content" folder in your Assetto Corsa main folder. Nothing is changed in the track. This is just a skin, so if you want to revert to default signs, just delete the folder or rename it. Hope you all like it. Any questions, suggestions, help etc. in the support thread please. Anybody willing to help, drop me a message. I'll certainly need it with for example the "Dunlop" bridges and some more things.
I hope this makes for a more authentic experience on this very nice track. Enjoy!

Latest reviews

Brilliant addition thank you
Excellent work, adds to the immersion immensely. As everyone else, I hope you continue this project.
Excellent work! Any progress? Still working on it?
Fantastic - looking forward to the update!
Fantastic work .. I hope you continue this project..Thanks for sharing.
Tx mate. I'm a bit short on time here atm, but still working on it.
Slow going though.
I hope to get an update out soon(ish).
Awesome job! Please continue your work on this, man.
Thanks for the review. I'm adding more stuff as I write this. It's pretty time consuming, but so much worth it I think. It totally changes the track IMO.
Really needed this, thank you..
Nice addition, many thanks!
Nice. Especially I like the Esso man. Even if it's worth a full five stars I wanted to keep at least one for the final version.
My favorite for old group 5 cars. One of the best tracks out there. Thanks a million ,amazing work.
You're welcome, it's just a beginning. There's so much more to do.
Exactly what I was looking for! Hope you will finish it. The rfactor track Le Mans 1972-1986 by virtua_lm should be a good source to get the correct names. Newton = Dunlop, Gauss=Gulf, ...
I surely hope to finish it too. Haha. Main problem is not so much the names, but which billboards go where. Took me a long time to figure these ones out and they're still not perfect. The banners on the side of the track will be a lot easier. Thanks for the review.
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