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Thanks really loving your work
Wonderful, must have!
Wonderful, must have!
Muchas Gracias =)
Daniel Jimenez
Daniel Jimenez
con gusto! :)
Wonderful !
I love this kind of track and this one is one of the best !
AI is well balanced and the replay are wonderful.

Just if i can ask for 2 improvements :
- a drone cam could be wonderful in this magnificient map
- A shorter track (6-8kms) could be better for race, because a 5 laps race means quite 1hour !

Thank again, i will give a little contribution to encourage your work (Thomson is qite prefect and Feldergring is also one of my favourite).
Thanks for the review. The drone camera set is certainly something I will look at adding, but I certainly won't be making the track shorter! I wanted to make something that gave me the same thrill that the Nordschleife does, and for me, Fonteny ticks that box. You might enjoy the next track I am working on, Bremgarten - 7.2km long and similar flowing lines :)
An absolute beautiful work for this car, I really appreciate it !
Thank you very much. ;-)
Couldn't agree more with the first comment. Nicely done mate!
Excellent combination!
Awesome job!!!! dude!! thanks!!!
Always good to see more skins for this era, great work!
Map looks good but crashes when i want to add traffic. Im using CM btw
Absolutely unbelievable! Very nice - thank you!
Always a pleasure and thanks for the review!
Awesome car!
The track has really been improved and it's awesome now
Ragnar Simulator
Ragnar Simulator
Thank you!
doesn't work ...
Ragnar Simulator
Ragnar Simulator
Bardzo proszę, ostrego upalania! :)
"Thousand thank you kisses" for the Z4! - the last raced Z4 of the 24h-race...
Amazing work you are very talented at this :) Feldbergring is one of my fav track
Finally someone made it! And quite good actually! I was thinking about utilizing stock livery for quite some time...
merci pour le partage
incredible as always Dan. Thanks
It's people like you that make the sim racing community such a brilliant place. Great work & for letting everyone enjoy it.
Gives me a lot of Gran Turismo flash backs. Thank you so much! These are wonderful!
Thank you :)
My game crash every time
Amazing work as always. Hope you're doing well.
I've spent countless hours on this track. It would be great if someone would update it and bring it to more current standards.
Immersion factor is prime, and this creation delivers the max. Thank you for your effort (and have a beer on me). There's just that one super tight corner where the ai always cuts across it at full tilt (but seems to always survive the disruption)...