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These are great! Have you thought of doing the GT World Challenge Europe liveries?? Great work!
Hey there buddy. You know what i think a lot of those have been made already my friend i think the next project was gonna be elms on the new urd lmp2 but what were you missing from htwc E ??
Good work. Keep it up. First 3D trees in AC, so this is great
news - the 2D old trees always spoiled the look of the Sim.
How are the 3D trees done? I mean, does CSP include them
in any way, or have they to be made from scratch by the
thank you! it is a mix of CSP and bringing your own trees or take some trees already prepared for CSP trees. I guess an official tutorial will be available soon
That's my go to PP Filter now. Do you believe my Gf, who never cared about how my games looked, said "wow, what a beautiful game". So I think this PP filter is a keeper, the gf might be too.
Dário Ussumane
Amazing haha, get her to play assetto too XD, oh yeah, she's a keeper for sure hahah
Thank You for this beautiful livery!
Really great work, the car looks amazing :) only point are the sponsors around the cockpit, they are not so sharp as the rest.
Are you planing to do outfits for pit crew and stuff? Thanks ;)
Cockpit decals are always a problem to get as sharp as I would like because of the size they have to be
A masterpiece. I have been using it in rfactor 2 and it works well. To see it in action visit my YT channel ( clickersnapper01 ) and check out the Live link or the playlist link. I just wished the headlight icon would work in rf2. At least the important things do. Thx for your efforts.

This gentleman responded to my inquiry and behold, he has made some adjustments to the hud and headlights indicator are now working in rf2 and get this he even made a couple other things work as well. Now I'm not one to brag on myself however when I learned that the reason some other options for rf2 could not be implemented just because he did not have a copy of rf2! Well I think you can figure out the rest of this story...Great work and I'm enjoying the hud to the full ! New videos are upcoming with the new adjustments on my channel. I would not be surprised, if RF2 sends out the data the he will implement his findings into his wonderful creation. Now that he has rF2. Cheers
Thank for your review and for the game . I m glad that you are enjoying my creation . Looking forward to make this dash more enjoyable and universal as possible .
This mod work super good, Will you try to implement a way to do formation lap like in real F1 ?
Yes I would like to implement a formation lap.
Thank you!
Good job, mind if i make a bathurst version?
Wonderful mod that brings back so many memories!
Please tell me, after installing the mod, I start the game, then there is a crash with this error :
Gathering crash info...
Preparing ZIP file...
very nice job ! thx for sharing
Game changing. This is one of the essential must have mods if you use a gamepad to play this game
Good skin. Some parts and decals are pretty similar to those in my version of Cais Fiesta for Fafe Montelongo Rally in 2020. You should give credits if you are using others work.
I honestly don't know if I copied parts of your great work. I remember that I made this skin from a blank sheet of paper and that it took many days of work. Comparing the two skins there is very little in common. if that's important to you I'll put your name in it. My only intention is to share the skins with other people. I gain nothing from it.
richard mille font needs a re-do
Very good!
how do i add a template
All steps are described in the readme.txt file.