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Larbre Competition "HUMAN" Art Car

Larbre Competition "HUMAN" Art Car 08/06/2017

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Larbre Competition #50 "HUMAN" Art Cart

From last weekends testing...got everything as good as I could with available references. Some of the decals at the front are a little off, will fix those when I get a chance. Also I wasn't able to get a reference of the jet that is pictured on the roof of the car so will add that in a future update together with accurate rear wing logo.


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Latest updates

  1. ui_skin file fix

    Kept making the same error and uploading incorrect file like an idiot. I think I got it right...
  2. Re-upload to fix start up error

    People are still getting error, so trying again. Fingers crossed this time as I am not getting...
  3. Skin name error fix

    Amended skin name to rectify error.

Latest reviews

When i first saw the Corvette after LeMans, i thought, how cool would it be, to have this in Assetto Corsa? And here you go... awesome stuff!
Well done!
Users could already fix it themselves but thanks anyway. Confirmed fixed.
This version fixes the error popup.
The right way for the ui_json is :
"skinname": "Larbre Competion \"Human\" Art Car",
Good job!
Nice work, many thanks! o/
Niceeeee Brooo!!!
Colourfull piece of Art, Thank you!!
In the ui_skin.json, remove the quotation marks from human. Then the skin willl work fine.
Skin seems to be good quality, produces an error message when game is loading.
The skinname property contains quotes where it should not (replace "Human" by 'Human' to make it work)

Worth: seams between sides and top parts + doors (in front) + rear/sides doesn't match in size and position, too bad :/. With more effort on it it would have been the best Vette on track (I'm pretty sure the actual car have not the same issues).
It's a pretty crazy design and is still missing some of the more intricate details, the issues you mentioned will be resolved in time.
error message when starting AC. While moving the mouse over the different skinfs the name of this skins is always shown for a short time.
don't know how you did it bozz, but this is cooool. Many thx!
You're very welcome
This is cool.

I'm new to skinning so I'm facing problems to properly wrap an image around a car. You don't seem to have that issue.
I use photoshop and mudbox and I find them both limiting or maybe my skill is limiting. What do you use? How do you do it?
Oh I definitely have that issue... its so annoying trying to get everything to match up. Take a look at the hood the Human text doesn't line up properly at the bottom and it's driving me mad!
I use Photoshop btw! Check out the how to guides on here, that's how I learned.
Thank you ! Will it be possible to make the skins of participating cars in GT3?
I think most of the cars are covered? I may do the proton competition Porsche but I've still got tonnes of work to do on this one.