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corvette c7r

  1. Loulouz

    Loulouz Corvette C7R GTLM VRC 1.0

    Skin pour l'open du 28/02 sur Assetto Corsa organisé par VRC
  2. formulaHEINE

    2020 SuperBowl 54 Corvette C7R skinpack [4K + HD] 1.0

    This skinpack for Assetto Corsa is a fictional recreation of the Super Bowl 54 teams San Francsico 49ers and Kansas Chity Chiefs for the Chevrolet Corvette C7R race car. For each team there is one skin that represents the Super Bowl 54 uniforms of the quarterbacks, #10 Jimmy Garoppolo for the...
  3. JJ Lehto

    Corvette C7R Schmitz Cargobull #28 (4K) 1.0

    A very fictional Schmitz Cargobull livery for the Corvette C7R in 4K (there is no 2K version at this moment because I'm a lazy bum). The exterior and interior both also have various little tweaks no one will most likely ever notice. Also included are equally fictious Michelin tires I did for...
  4. N

    LUCAS OIL RACING TEAM Chevrolet Corvette C7R 1.0

    This is my first livery, so I hope you like it and I would really appreciate any suggestion about it. Screenshots: PS: I can accept requests
  5. speedyx56

    #36 #37 #38 Corvette C7.R Seagate Technology 1.0

    More Livery created following the Seagate brand guide and the WEC regulations. A few junctions problems on the Barracuda and the Skyhawk, I don't think it's possible to do better without having each illustration 100% layered - which is impossible to do - along with the usual problems on the...
  6. François Strat

    Corvette C7-R Callaway GT3 - Senna Tribute 2017-11-08

    Yo racers ^_^ As usual, a Senna tribute paint from the 90's :D And of course, dirt version available in VARIANTS Hope you like it :) Cheers, François
  7. François Strat

    Corvette C7-R Callaway GT3 - IsR + Dirt 1.2

    Hey racers :) Another skin, this one is a bit special, it's a creation dedicated to my team, International Sim Racing ! (I have not really respected the original design of the logo, I wanted more flashy colors :D) So, if any team mate is passing by... hello .o/ Dirt version available in...
  8. François Strat

    Generic Dirt for Callaway GT3 2017-11-07

    Hi modders (skinners) \o/ If you like my previous skins for the Callaway GT3, I bring you the Dirt layer that I created to make the car looks like it just ended a 24H race :D How to use it - Open the PNG in your image editing software, then you'll find on the top left corner a mark (flashy...
  9. François Strat

    Corvette C7-R Callaway GT3 - Monkey tie 1.2

    Hello racers \o/ Here is a skin for the Corvette Callaway C7-R GT3. Personnal fictional skin. Dirt version available ! Hope you'll enjoy my work ! All feedback welcome :D Cheers, François
  10. François Strat

    Corvette C7-R Callaway GT3 - AutoArenA 1.2

    Hello racers \o/ Here is a skin for the Corvette Callaway C7-R GT3. I tried to reproduce the best I could the shiny and matte parts ! Hope you'll enjoy my work ! All feedback welcome :D Cheers, François
  11. François Strat

    Corvette C7-R Callaway GT3 - LeMans 2016 + Dirt 1.2

    Hello racers \o/ Here is a skin for the Corvette Callaway C7-R GT3. I tried to adapt as best as I can the original corvette paint on the Callaway... Lots of little body change, so it's not exactly an original ! Dirt version available. I spend a lot of time for the new version of dirt \o/...
  12. Henky SA

    KS Corvette C7R - Andyblackmore's Inspired Need For Speed skin 1.1

    ok so have nothing to say much really. but as per tagline says, what am i doing? this skin was created while i was doing the URD Shiro. 2K, 4K and 8K options available. drop the size needed to Kunos C7R skins folder. thank you. the skin is free. however, If you feel that my work is worth a...
  13. quakeguy

    Corvette C7R - Le Mans 2017: Larbre Competition #50 1.2

    Le Mans 2017: Larbre Competition #50 4K and 2K version included. 1.1: 1.0:
  14. Bozz.gee

    Larbre Competition "HUMAN" Art Car 08/06/2017

    Larbre Competition #50 "HUMAN" Art Cart From last weekends testing...got everything as good as I could with available references. Some of the decals at the front are a little off, will fix those when I get a chance. Also I wasn't able to get a reference of the jet that is pictured on the roof...
  15. R

    KS Tools Corvette C7r #101 2016-09-08

    Fictional Livery for the Corvette C7r
  16. R

    Kodak Corvette C7r #99 2016-09-08

    #99 Kodak Corvette C7r, Fictional livery based on the IMSA Performance Porsche currently racing in the Blancpain GT Series
  17. SanDix45

    Seaport Hime itasha for Corvette C7R 1.0

    New itasha livery this time i made one of Seaport Hime from kantai collection. Screenshots: Installation: Copy contens in your Steamapps/common/assettocorsa/content/cars/ks_corvette_c7r/skins

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