Lancia-Alitalia F1 Team 2017-05-23

Lancia is now in F1...(Replaces Sauber)

  1. RaceIsLife
    Story: "After years of racing in the back, Sauber left F1 after 25 years of career. A new team, already in competitions such as the WRC and various rally championships, wants to try the business: get into F1.
    It will not be easy for Lancia to get there on the podium with its engine ..."

    If you want to see the mod, watch my video on YouTube. (I use a sound mod for engine)

    P.S. There is a little bug with Lancia's logo on left side, but is very little and probably you don't see it.
    If you have some problem with the installation, contact me on YouTube!
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