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Lamborghini Huracan GT3 light config 2.3

Car additions ( lights / turning signals / lumirank ... )

  1. Lumirank enhancement

    Fixed wrong dynamic lumirank position and improved its behaviour.
    Car position now up to 999 and all digits will be lit.
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  2. Minor adjustments

    Added back the missing blue interior light in cockpit at night.
    Remove an obsolete texture that was causing wrong mesh color in the #63 car.

    Again... very sorry for all those tiny updates. This should be final.
  3. extra light cone tweak

    tweaked Xela's light cone to be dimmer
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  4. Added Xela's kn5

    Forgot Xela's .kn5 in v2 ^^'
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  5. Major additions and improvements

    See description of the mod
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