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Lakeside Park 1.00

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Nice little track, waiting for V2.0 on AMS standards if possible, thanks for sharing your work, mate
I've given 3 stars just because this is my local race track, i take my kids to watch the street sprints quite often.
I just wish i new how to help improve the visuals and put some of the AMS track evolution in.
Can you or someone try to update this closer to Reiza standards.
Thank You for your efforts though. Really cool having this little track in a Sim.
Layout and elevations are good, however mesh in certain areas is extremely bumpy, also track limit error on final turn when on racing line.
Boring and permanently repeating textures, terrible looking polygons and we have got 2016, not 2003 with rFactor1.
good to drive but the graphics need alot of work
Thanks Mate, good stuff.Very enjoyable as is, however I have saved one star for V 2.0. Lol. Cheers.
" it is not up to AMS standards"
Maybe not but it's still very good. Looking forward to v2.0
scratch made and licensed? your work deserves some reiza love. maybe patrick could give some advice
Hi. Yes. Fortunately i got hold of a topo surveyors map and used it as a base in (gasp!) Bob's Track Builder.

I then finished a early version in Max before the big update to the track in 2009. The version here is how the track looked in 2010.

Over the last 5 years it has been cleaned and updated, so it deserves a huge update to the current 2016 layout.

Thanks for the feedback.
well done.
Thank you for that. This track is essentially a place holder til V2.0 comes out.

I will also fine tune this version a bit as well.