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La Bollène-Vésubie - Rallye Monte Carlo

La Bollène-Vésubie - Rallye Monte Carlo 0.96

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For my third track, made from scratch in Blender, I present a 10km stretch of the route from Bollène-Vésubie up to the Col de Turini.

REVERSE LAYOUT & MORE TRACKS HERE >>> https://superstage.net/

CSP config kindly put together by ktulu77


It featured as SS13 of this year's Monte.


I think my work has improved (especially the texturing) but there is more to add, hence the v0.8 tag.

Future updates to include: spectators, more collideable objects (like trees), audio sources & reverb, etc.



There is a pacenotes mod available called Patrick Brunner Codriver which may make the Assetto Corsa rally experience a bit more enjoyable for you.


If you encounter any bugs or performance issues, please let me know in the comments and I will try to rectify them.


Happy rallying!

Latest updates

  1. Update v0.96 - pits and reverse layout

    In this update I have: added a reverse layout which can be found here: superstage.net (delete...
  2. Update v.085

    In this update I have: added rally paraphernalia and made start and finish lines clearer...

Latest reviews

Love the cliff-side feel of the track - awesome hillclimb
I have another one called La Cabanette (check my profile) - even more cliffside action!
Ouiii en plus j'habite juste a coté j'ai déjà fait la route en vrai
super taf
merci à toi
This is superb to drive on - out of all the hill climbs etc here on RD and elsewhere IMO this feels the best, most natural to drive on. The road surface is splendid to drive on and the environment is fantastic. However, a higher resolution of the snow covered mountains in the background would increase the immersive experience considerably. I've also bought the paid version from your website thinking those background mountains may be higher resolution. Nevertheless great job!
absolutely amazing track, you did a wonderful job with all details!
Great rallie stage! The bumps make it even more fun
Nice run! I like the bumps too :)
crazy track ... great job!
Muy buen trabajo!! si que le faltan detalles pero poco a poco, aun así la luz y el tramo en si estan muy bien hechos y dan mucho realizmo
super spéciale et super travail . il manque juste de spectateur au bord de la route pour être vraiment parfait
I give this 5 stars for the creativity. I know there is a lot to cover in the future but it already feels really good. If you could get those mountains to feel more alive, i mean, imagine the immersion. Thank you and wish you good luck on future updates. Cheers!
Thank you for this great track. Could become the best track for rallying with better textures for the background. Keep up the good work!
hi, I like it so much!! thanks you so much!!! just please, update the texture of the mountains in the first kilometers
awesome Track thanks man !!!
The only thing I have to complain about is pot holes that seem to bump me into a skid every few yards, but I can only conclude it's just me since nobody else seems to be mentioning this. Other than that it's a beautiful track, rather like your Tour de Corse which I highly recommend everyone downloads also.
Thanks for reviewing. Yeah tbh I was kind of hesitant to release it with the bumps, but in the end I decided not to smooth them out as imo the deteriorated road surface is something I quite like about monte carlo (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMlxZKH230M). Keeps you on your toes!
How to install this track (v0.96)? Version 0.85 works fine...
Hi, sorry - it's because "models_original.ini" should be called "models.ini"
I'm reuploading now, but you can change the file name yourself if you like - it should work
I am also getting the error message "missing map". You did put a subdir "original" with all data in the "ui" dir. So the info is in the wrong folder. I did copy the 3 files in the ui-dir and everything was OK.
Ok thanks for letting me know, I'll update the file. This is probably why replay cameras aren't working as well
Very nice! although missing map in most recent update
Strange, it's definitely in the file with everything else. Wonder what the issue is - anyone else having this problem?
Grandisimo trabajo!!!!mis felicitaciones
File size
122.6 MB
First release
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User rating
4.92 star(s) 37 ratings

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