Kyalami 2016

Kyalami 2016 0.9

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Great track! Looking fantastic already. Like the two season skins. Can't wait for more updates. Thanks!
I live in S.A. and I have been to Kyalami once before in my 86. This seems very accurate, looks beautiful and just like the real thing. Feels like being there again! THANK YOU!
Superb quality!
Drove this track for the first time today. Absolutely stunning! A fun and challenging track to drive. Great work.
He said, "Good Pepperoni" I say " One Spicy Meatball" LOL

Amazing update.
Good pepperoni. Keeping the game alive with this stuff.
sensational track, great fun to drive and looks awesome...thankyou!
Top quality for a beta release, let alone for a first track by the author. Issues are being sorted, and optimization is excellent (both track model, and night config). Thank you!
very nice track, still getting better! Thanks!
Love this track, thanks a lot.
Beautiful work! Just a couple of small nitpicks (could've sworn I saw cars on the 9 hour coverage accelerating pretty close to the end of the pit wall, and I'm hoping that the 0.8.2 off-track changes aren't permanent!), but still incredible for pre-1.0. Feels well-optimized too (I haven't noticed any frame drops), which sometimes doesn't happen even after 1.0...
Simply amazing, blown away by the quality.
This Track is just amazing! Without a doubt, one of the best Track Mods for AC.
Hi, Very beautiful track. Thanks for the Job and the Fix.
My French Review here :
Brilliant job! Having been driven around this past weekend at the 9hr, I have to say, you've nailed it.
Where you in the Polo Cup?
Fantastic job !!! thanks a lot, a little video review here :
Ha ha awesome vid! +1
Simply magnificent !! It is without a doubt the most beautiful circuit of Assetto Corsa! I know it's a tedious job and probably not your priority but would it be possible to convert it to rfactor please !! Many thanks already for this version!
Good update fixes. However pitlane exit is still way too long. speed limiter should turn off at the last white line going across the track.

Bit confused about the diagonal line of cones after turning the corner in pitlane, really weird for them to be there. Overall very good. Very soon and it will be 1.0 release :)
Top notch, no doubt about that.
It is a pretty long track though. CM tells me each new update it's 4.522 km long, LOL ;-)
And I lost all all my lap times set on the previous version.
The track is 4.522 km long.
just awesome, nothing else .
Simply amazing.
Keeps getting better and better! Love the lush green Summer option too. Nice one.
This is a must mod for AC. Period.
Just driven it, absolutly stunning
Thanks for the great feedback and positive response everyone. :-)
Please note, a new version is available.
Excellent track really well made. Layout is fun to drive but challenging. A must have, up to kunos level. Thanks.
Love where this is heading, Just needs some colour and a bit of tarting up.
Splendid work indeed, for a "beta" version. The track is beautiful and it's a pleasure to compete here.
Brilliant, very well done, tried it both monitor & VR.
Good to know. I dont do VR, so I haven't tested it at all. LMK if you see anything weird in VR.