Kyalami 2016

Kyalami 2016 0.9

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Great work bud.
I love this track, I love the way it has been made for AC, It is so close to ACC version that I was honestly surprised. Really good job Prototype. As a modder I could find some small issues but they are very few and not important.
Incredible..Thank you
Just tested the ACC version today. After having participated in a mod track myself and am aware of the amount of work that goes into so many areas like data acquisition, modelling, texturing, texture search, managing the project files, readjusting over and over again...

I really like the quality you have delivered. The amount of work and passion that goes into creating such a project requires so much dedication.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I really like some of your buildings even more than the ACC version. Not sure what kind of data sources they had to build the terrain and buildings, but yours can hold up in so many areas.
amazing work
Stunning track! Looks really nice and a lot of fun to drive. I've only played the summer version though. Only small con is perhaps its performance. Especially the pit and start-finish gave me fps drops when running a full (online) grid.
Thank you for your effort and sharing!
Outstanding! By far best track mod I ever installed. Top notch quality!
Wow, what a fantastic track !
Flows soo nicely, and you've done a brilliant job.
thank you! Loving this track!
Most polished mod track I've ever tried, by far! Developer level, maybe even better. Beautiful! Thanks!
Amazing track!
Thanks for the update Prototype. You've really done a fantastic job with this track. Cheers!
What an amazing and stunning track! The details are literally jaw dropping. Absolutely the best. You made my day and probably for a long time to come.
The new 9H details look great. Kerbs are really responsive and feel good. Excellent circuit, thanks!
Great track! Everything looks beautiful. The attention to detail is immaculate. But I must dock 1 star for the simple fact that it's not as optimized as most other high quality tracks (I think, due to the immense level of detail!), and my paltry system struggles to remain at a playable frame rate. BUT, as long as you have a semi-decent rig from the last 5 years, I'm sure you'll have better results than me. Just thought I'd let the other potato owners out there know.
This is not the place to talk about your low end hardware.
Use discussion thread.
DROP WORLD DETAIL SLIDERS, Summer and Winter is Lodded for this purpose.
9 Hour option obviously isn't, because world detail is exactly the point.
Love the new k9h details. Fantastic! I plopped a few of those secret new balloons into the k9h track for a bit of variety. Oops - I've said too much!
Good Job!
impressive job
Thanks for all the time it took to do this.

That's really beautiful.
Holy... , I didn't expect to be so good. The quality is amazing. Is this your first track? If so, I'm even more amazed.
Absolutely extraordinary!
Good job.Thanks for sharing
Simply incredible!
for me one of the best ModTrack...Thanks for this great work.
Pure awesome. Having lots of fun with GT3 cars. Thanks for this.