Krajiska Zmija hillclimb

Krajiska Zmija hillclimb 1.1

No permission to download
Fantastic! Great track and scenery.
Donated less than a euro :d but amazing track anyways, when will i get the other tracks?
Donated 1.50 when will i be getting the other tarcks?
Thank you for this hillclimb track!
Gave a euro, hopping to hear back about the links for the other versions!
super fun to drift as well as drive
Great fun, THANK YOU
Fabulous work!
very nice !
just reduce the dirt effect with dirt version it's too much heavy and slow
So much fun, well done.
Great track for drifting on tarmac or rallying on the snow or dirt, awesome!
I spent 3 hours solid on this beautiful track last night. Its superb. Will be donating soon for your hard work
Awesome mod. Very well done!! I have also tested the winter/snow track, tons of fun.
Here a VR video in the snow
Wow. The snow version feels incredibly real! Wouldn't have thought that!
Fantastic job, I love it. thank you soo much.
My favorite hillclimb track.
Good track for drift!!! Great job ;)
Svaka čast :D
Donated, as I think the dirt version was available before for free.

Fun layout for low power cars.
Already donated, this track looks beautiful and the flow is really good, makes me spend more time looking at replays than driving!
great job ... thx
Incredible work! ty very much... donation soon :)
great job!
Fun hillclimb! Well worth downloading.
Makavelian & Instevs36
Try to donate for a full version, worth every coin :-D
I really needed this update!
Go to full version... as always perfect.
Great work! Its well worth a donation for the "full" version
Amazing work. Thank you for this.