Krajiska Zmija hillclimb

Krajiska Zmija hillclimb 1.1

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Krajiška Zmija hillclimb v1.1 by f1bosnia and lemax

-length: 4.1 kilometre
-pit boxes: 10
-high resolution road mesh
-version 1.1: complete track overhaul, high resolution road mesh

The most important motorsport event in Bosnia and Herzegovina is without a doubt the Cazin Grand Prix.
The 4.1 kilometre long Krajiska Zmija track is the only race in the country that counts for the CEZ Championship. It is also the only race that welcomes national championships from the neighbouring countries.

Donationware track addons:
For downhill tarmac, downhill & hillclimb gravel and winter versions, I asking for small PayPal donation.

Donate as much as you wish and then I will send you a link to the other versions of the track.
-Downhill Tarmac;
-Downhill & Hillclimb DIRT-gravel version;
-Downhill & Hillclimb Winter version;
more info @ '[URL]

rdkz4.jpg rdkz3.jpg rdkz2.jpg rdkz1.jpg 570.jpg rdkz5.jpg rfkz5.jpg rdkz6.jpg 573.jpg

enjoy :)

Latest updates

  1. Krajiska Zmija v1.1 update- complete track overhaul; high resolution road mesh;winter version

    Krajiška Zmija hillclimb v1.1 by f1bosnia and lemax -length: 4.1 kilometre -pit boxes: 10...

Latest reviews

one of my favorite hillclimb, to have absolutely !
Found the easter egg :). Luckily I was in a bmw lmp.
Your hillclimb maps are amazing, such attention to detail, I feel like I'm really there. Thank you very much for your amazing contributions to AC!
Great track
One of my favs! Love throwing streetcars around this one!
I'm curious about the snow version as well but i am not sure if you are still active.
Nice track when I will get the other tracks?
best hillclimb in the game...amazing
Love this track, very fun to drive on ! Thank you !
Fantastic! Great track and scenery.
Donated less than a euro :d but amazing track anyways, when will i get the other tracks?
Donated 1.50 when will i be getting the other tarcks?
Thank you for this hillclimb track!
Gave a euro, hopping to hear back about the links for the other versions!
super fun to drift as well as drive
Great fun, THANK YOU
Fabulous work!
very nice !
just reduce the dirt effect with dirt version it's too much heavy and slow
So much fun, well done.
Great track for drifting on tarmac or rallying on the snow or dirt, awesome!

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