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Knockhill (BTCC) 2.1

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I know that this is a conversion, but I think the rate button is here to rate the quality of the content and not the conversion. And following that statement I must say that this track is fairly dated. The textures and overall look is so bad that it really breaks the immersion. I know simracing in general isn't about the looks but to me this is simply not good enough. Also why is the track two different shades with this black lump in the centre. It looks weird and is fairly distracting. If the colour difference wouldn't be so big that wouldn't be an issue, but like this it is just weird. The esthetic is so bad I just can't force myself to ignore it like I do most of the time.
Patrick Giranthon
Sure the track is far from standards. Will update it later
Kenny Paton
Great work as usual Patrick. Nice elevations and loke the new curbs.
THX Patrick another great track
Awesome. These are MustHave tracks. Thank you very much
It may be a coincidence, but now you have done your magic on this track Patrick, I have just set my quickest time round here, having found some grip that wasn't seemingly there before!

You have done a top notch job as ever.