Kenny Roberts 2000 Rgv 500 1.1

Kenny Roberts 2000 Rgv 500 - Bike , visor

  1. Aaron Smythe
    MotoGPVR46X64 2016-08-03 12-24-40-18.jpg MotoGPVR46X64 2016-08-03 12-27-08-15.jpg This mod has needed changes to Kenny Robert's RGV . Colour has been tweaked ,stickers are tweaked , Front forks are gold titanium nitride like in real world , Titanium Exhausts and headers and you guessed it .... Reflective visor ( this visor and from now on other visors will be like this one , they have been refined . I will release a visor pack for all the classes at some stage if you like ) .
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