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Ka0s Retro Skin Pack for Ka0s Dashboard 1.2.0

Skin pack containing a set of skins to be used by Ka0s Dashboard

  1. Tushar Saxena
    Important : This resource is a skin pack for Ka0s Dashboard app, and requires the base app to work. Version 1.2.0 of this skin is required for Ka0s Dashboard 1.1.0 and above.

    Installation Instructions

    Extract the contents of this archive to your assettocorsa\apps\python\ka0sdashboard\kdb\img\skins directory.

    Start Assetto Corsa and open up the Configuration UI. If everything went right, the skin should show up here. Select the skin, save your changes, and you're done ... enjoy your new skin!

    For more information, please visit the resource page for Ka0s Dashboard HERE.


    Black Theme

    White Theme

Recent Reviews

  1. Apuleyo
    Version: 1.0.0
    Awesome job!!! ...downloading..THX
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