Ka0s Modern Skin Pack for Ka0s Dashboard 1.2.0

Skin pack containing a set of skins to be used by Ka0s Dashboard

  1. Tushar Saxena
    Important : This resource is a skin pack for Ka0s Dashboard app, and requires the base app to work. Version 1.2.0 of this skin is required for Ka0s Dashboard 1.1.0 and above.

    Installation Instructions

    Extract the contents of this archive to your assettocorsa\apps\python\ka0sdashboard\kdb\img\skins directory.

    Start Assetto Corsa and open up the Configuration UI. If everything went right, the skin should show up here. Select the skin, save your changes, and you're done ... enjoy your new skin!

    For more information, please visit the resource page for Ka0s Dashboard HERE.


    Blue Theme

    Green Theme

    Yellow Theme
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Recent Reviews

  1. Foxi81
    Version: 1.0.0
    Skins look nice but:

    The config file isnĀ“t there...there is no folder called "ka0sdashboard" anywhere in my username folder. If i look into that folder i find things like Dropbox, Pictures, Music, Videos etc.
    1. Tushar Saxena
      Author's Response
      Could be a couple of reasons :

      1. After installing the main Ka0s Dashboard app, you need to run AC and load a session (race, practice, etc) at least once - the app will create the config file for you on first load.

      2. The folder you are looking for is .kas0dashboard ... the dot at the beginning means it's hidden by default. To be able to see it in Explorer, go to Folder Options > View > Show Hidden Files, Folders and Drives. This is most likely the reason you can't find it.

      3. If the app can't access C:\Users\<USERNAME> for whatever reason, as an laternative it tries to create the configuration file in assettocorsa\cfg\.ka0sdashboard\config\config.json. The same thing about hidden folders applies here as well. Check at this location.

      4. If you still can't find the config file, just zip up your log files (Documents\Assetto Corsa\logs\log.txt and Documents\Assetto Corsa\logs\py_log.txt) and send it to me in a private message and I'll try to investigate further.

      This should not be required with the next version of the app - all of the options will be configurable via an in-game GUI. HTH!
  2. Apuleyo
    Version: 1.0.0
    you must say that needs the previous version ,to get the other files and run these skins,anyway the skins are awesome, nice job
    1. Tushar Saxena
      Author's Response
      Good point - have updated the description. Thanks!
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