JRT Dashboard for SimHub 2018-04-15

JRT Display version for SimHub

  1. Borrer0
    I tried to make it as similar as possible to the original JRT, although I have never used it and I have only been guided by photos and videos. There are also some features that are not possible even with SimHub or I have not known how. For example I have replaced a Trakmap with the info of the orientation of the wind, and some small modification / elimination more. The part of ers only works in Assetto.

    To install just unzip in SimHub / Dash Templates

    JRT Simhud.jpg JRT Simhud.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. mrlo3o
    Version: 2018-04-15
    Tested and works 100%. by far the best Dash for Simhub.
    all information without delay and real.
  2. trekfuel95
    Version: 2018-04-15
    Excellent, I only used this.
  3. Peter Stokman
    Peter Stokman
    Version: 2018-04-15
    very good
  4. Ulises Valido Gonzalez
    Ulises Valido Gonzalez
    Version: 2018-04-15
  5. Shad3R
    Version: 2018-04-15
    Great DASH! i always loved the amount of info of JRT, thanks!
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