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Joycam 0.3.1

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This is an app to allow you to control the free camera in Assetto Corsa like a drone. You can use it with any XInput controller, typically XBox 360 or newer.


Default controls are:
Left stick - move forward and yaw
Right stick - move sideways and pitch
Triggers - move up and down
Dpad - roll
You can adjust this in config.ini

Extract contents of 7z to the folder assettocorsa\apps\python\stereo_joycam. Typically the full path is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\apps\python\stereo_joycam\ but depends on your Steam install.
In the 'General' tab in Assetto Corsa, enable the app.

Push Activate in the app to switch to free camera mode.
Or Enable the free camera in system/cfg/assetto_corsa.ini by setting ALLOW_FREE_CAMERA=1, and hit F7 in game to switch to the free camera.

To adjust settings, find 'stereo_joycam' on the app pane (far right) and click to open the app.

CONFIG.INI (in app folder):
Controls -
available options are
l_thumb_x, l_thumb_y - x and y of left thumb stick
r_thumb_x, r_thumb_y - x and y of right thumb stick
triggers - combined trigger input (right is positive)
dpad_x, dpad_y - x and y of d pad (left/up are positive)
rblb - shoulder buttons (left is positive)
none - don't map to this control
Direction -
Can be used to invert axes, just switch from 1 to -1.
Speed -
Sets default speeds that the app will use for each axis (will be updated according to ingame prefs)
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Latest updates

  1. add RB/LB control

    - new config.ini setting 'rblb' to use the shoulder buttons as an axis
  2. Smooth

    New features - Activate button will now switch to freecam mode for you, so you can use the app...

Latest reviews

joycam is not showing up for me in the far right panel. Even after enabling the app. Am I missing something? has anyone else had this problem?
Fantastic, game changer(literally)
Amazing app, so much fun to zoom around
Cant install, can anyone help, i've followed the exact instructions but it just wont have it
Works perfectly
This is so amazing. I too spent a ton of time playing "Drone Simulator" with AI running around LAC as I tried to track them. So much fun. Feature request: Can you assign "Take Screenshot" to one of the controller buttons? I'd love to be able to press in my right stick and take a screen shot, but I don't know how to assign that.
is it possible to make it playable, or is there any other panoramic or drone cam selectable during the race?
Don't working. =(
Default settings need to be adjusted slightly and an option to zoom in/out with the controller would be nice, but overall it’s a really good app for smooth camera movements!
How can I have the left stick not have up and down movement but to only control the lateral movements?

I would like the rightstick to have y, x and Z movement it would be it easier to control. (like a drone)

Sorry for the noob question.
interesting! However, when I try to assign a function to the Bumper button, it doesn't work. Unusable button? Bumper left and right buttons.
「move roll = bumpers」
It calls that 'rblb', it's in the readme but is there a better place to write that?
Works as advertised. I just spent longer than I'd care to admit just following some AI cars around LA Canyons, and it was magical. This is a mod I didn't know I needed and now can't be without.
had to swap the yaw and lateral movents to make it easier to fly around works perfect after this is what i changed
move_lateral = l_thumb_x
rotate_yaw = r_thumb_x
Is it possible to somehow use this app with a ps4 controller ?
Do something like this to make it work for xinput
Do I have to use it with JoyStick?
Because it shows only activate (the camera) and not the other stuff
Works great
i've seen the app and i like it, but i downloaded it and followed the instructions and the app doesn't work. when i open it on assetto corsa, the window with the "activate" button pops up but there's no configuration available, like in the photo of this post, and i can't move the camera even pressing the activate button or f7.
i hope you could help me.
easy and slick
not working with my wired xbox one controller. (tried it with having my wheel and shifter plugged in while trying to use the app and tried it without, no success)
does this work with a ps4 controller