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Jimmy Broadbent gloves 1.0

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Now everyone can have the Jimmy Broadbent simracing-gloves!

Just copy the two files from the zip into the skin-folder you want to use them with and rename the respective skin.ini to skin.bak...

I modeled these from the pictures on the Feel-website, so there may be some slight differences here and there.
The font (for the name) isn't exactly the right one, so should anyone figure out what the actual font used is, let me know and I'll fix that in an update.



Latest reviews

perfect, thank you
pls no puterino jimmer
Haha! Awesome!
Can you make a video on how to install it? I'm confused on how to.
Can't make a video right now, but I'll try and walk you through it with some explanation.

Basically every skin (every folder with a skin for a car) in AC has a skin.ini file where the suit, helmet, gloves, etc are defined. If you remove/rename this file it get's a default suite/helmet/gloves for that skin. Unless you have files for those things. If you put the two glove-files and rename/remove the skin.ini, AC will default the gloves for that respective skin to the ones available in the folder.

Take a look in the following folder: ..\assettocorsa\content\cars\ks_mercedes_amg_gt3\skins

You'll see the various skins for the Mercedes GT3 car. Now go into (just for example) 0_official where you see the files for that specific skin. You'll notice there are no suit/gloves/helmet files there because these are defined in the skin.ini file. Rename that file to skin.bak and put the Jimmy Broadbent files there and you'll see that, when you select that skin, it uses the gloves.

Hope that helps. Let me know if you're still having trouble.
Nice! Is it possible to make a driver in normal clothes and no gloves for when I take an old 60's road car for a cruise in the italian mountains while listening to old italian movie music?
That would require a new drivermodel and I'm afraid that's beyond my skillset. :/
Do the gloves come with his driving skill?
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