jimmy broadbent

  1. A new look for Simracing.GP

    A new look for Simracing.GP

    We've been a little quiet recently but it's with good reason, we've been working hard in the background trying to improve Simracing.GP in terms of features and as a business. We have lots of good news to share with you but in order to make sure each announcement gets its fair share of visibility...
  2. Timonike44

    Jimmy Broadbent Helmet 2022 | ACSPRH Mod 0.2

    Hello everyone! Decided to try my hand at making a helmet for Assetto Corsa as opposed to a livery this time! Here we have the infamous Jimmy Broadbent's 2022 Britcar Helmet! Jimmy has such an awesome design which seems to have taken some inspiration & design aspects from the likes of Stefan...
  3. rambófagyi

    RSS Formula Hybrid X 2022 Evo Jimmy Broadbent Praga Skin 1.0

    (To use this skin, you'll need the Rss Hybrid X) My first okay looking livery, hope you like it :D
  4. N

    Jimmy Broadbent Helmet 2020-07-15

    A helmet for infamous sim racing and shed enthusiast. uses the ACSPRH | Real Helmets For Assetto Corsa Mod.
  5. DannyDotCom

    #00 DHR Jimcord Racing for Chevrolet Lumina CUP90 1.1

    Finally, my first skin to be released to public. :D This was initially meant to be the Weebhunters livery replica from one of Jimmer's iRacing stream with the newly-released Winston Cup cars. But since I couldn't find the Weebhunters logo (alongside other logos shown) I decide to make my own...
  6. Badde

    Jimmy Broadbent's 2020 Indy 500 Livery - RSS Formula Americas 1.1

    Jimmy's 2020 Indycar for the RSS Formula Americas to celebrate his win this year on iRacing. Comes with 3 Liveries that work with both the Oval and Road Verisons - Jimmy Broadbent #00 & #8 - Shack Villeneuve #72 Thanks to Kamiklaasie for letting me use his Tyres and Rims. One of is awesome...
  7. Badde

    Jimmy Broadbent DHR F1 Concept - RSS Formula Hybrid X 2021 1.3

    A Fan Made DHR F1 Livery for the RSS Formula Hybrid X 2021 Liveries for both Jamble #69 and Jimmer #87. I've provided my own basic gloves but some better Jimmer gloves can be found here. Purple Tyres? Get these. RSS Formula Hybrid X 2021...
  8. C

    RSS Formula Hybrid X 2021 - Jimmy Broadbent LED Covers 1.0

    Jimmy FHX21 Wheel covers. Simply download unpack the archive and place the .dds file inside a cars livery you want to see them working Example. assettocorsa\content\cars\rss_formula_hybrid_x\skin
  9. Marco17_ok

    Formula Hybrid 2019 | Jimmy Broadbent Skin 2.0

    Formula Hybrid 2019 | Jimmy Broadbent Skin Skin dedicated to Jimmy Broadbent for the Formula Hybrid 2019 by RaceSimStudio. It includes base skin, logos, full driver (helmet, suit, gloves) and crew. Tyres by @davewilliams000 Buy the car here: http://racesimstudio.com/shop If you find any error...
  10. Lunatea Dreamer


    Hi! It's been a while! Here I present to you my project I've been working on for the past few months! (Admittedly took longer than I was expecting!) Features fictional liveries themed around the BPR series for: McLaren F1 GTR (Kunos) RSS GT Tornado V12 RSS GT Vortex V10 Also comes with...
  11. Lunatea Dreamer

    [4K] Lister Storm 'Jimmy Broadbent 200K Special' 1.0

    To celebrate Jimmy Broadbent's 200K subscriber milestone, I have created a livery for the RSS Tornado V12/Lister Storm. Also comes with custom driver suit and pit crew. This is also a taster for my upcoming skin pack that is currently in development and will be releasing later. I hope you enjoy!
  12. xopotl

    Jimmy Broadbent gloves 1.0

    Now everyone can have the Jimmy Broadbent simracing-gloves! Just copy the two files from the zip into the skin-folder you want to use them with and rename the respective skin.ini to skin.bak... I modeled these from the pictures on the Feel-website, so there may be some slight differences here...
  13. Lunatea Dreamer

    [4K/2K] SYNECHISM 1.2

    Hello! Welcome to my second skin pack! Included in this pack are 9 fictional liveries, complete with unique driver and pit crew textures. Some liveries are based and dedicated to certain people and brands, while others are completely fictional brands, fitted with scratchmade logos. Cars...