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Japanese Female Career Helmet #4

Japanese Female Career Helmet #4 1.0

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Hello! I've decided to upload my career helmet for my character, Yukari Kaneko. It includes a personalized logo (Y+4+K), cartooned red bull text on the front, the number 4 (四), Japanese flag, all surrounded by a baby blue and pink finish. The text on the visor says " Give You Wings " just like all red bull helmets do.

I hope you enjoy!


Installation is easy, just follow the same directions that you would for any other helmet, except have a female character selected instead for your career in game. You do not have to do anything special. I have not tested this on the male character. Please leave feedback! :p:p

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Latest reviews

I also have a Japanese female driver as my character (partly inspired by Juju Noda) so this was really great for me! Great use of the Japanese characters
Is not THAT bad. I mean, I don't personally like it, its not the kind of helmets I like but I think it can be improved:
-The blue is...idk how to explain, too light(this is just me cuz I don't like light blue so just forget this point)
-I don't get that feelin' of being a Japanese-based helmet, there aren't a lot of things in the helmet that actually made me feel that
-Try to make the pink a bit less lighty, just make it noticeble(sry for bad speech) that is for girls
Maybe the fact that I'm actually a boy makes me to get those points, but, HEY! Still nice helmet, keep it up
Amazing! Keep it up!
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