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One of the best rf1 mods makes it's way to AMS! Totally revamped, reworked physics, tweaked sounds and graphics, and making use of all AMS's new features, such as proper turbo implementation or flatspots.


Using real data, extensibly researched, tested and worked on, this mod is quite possibly the ultimate simulation of an indycar season, both on road courses, as well as ovals. You will be blown away by how a car changes through a stint, as well as the nuanses involved in wheeling a 700hp machine around a tight street circuit.

Latest updates


    Fixed fuel use for V6 engines at indy Fixed fuel estimate in the garage (improves AI)

Latest reviews

Thanks a lot for your work (and to the team) on this one! I'm having a blast.
Thanks for puttings physics at the top of the list of your requirements. The feeling in these cars is great and I think your tire model is one of the best in AMS1.
I did change a couple of things as I think this mod is not for your average sim racer and not suited to offline-vs.AI championship. But the basis is excellent!
Nice mod, thanks for sharing
Just brilliant. Graphically it's not brilliant from cockpit, but looks good from the outside, sounds fine, and physics are brilliant on every aspect. Lots of details in modelling cars for every round of the championship, each chasis/engine combo with a deep and defined character that makes them unique. And just terrific to push and throw around, no matter if on road course, street circuit, short ovals or big speedways. Lots of hours of fun await :)
Fantastic job, i love this mod

I have a problem, the cars with turbo engines are very slow, but the March of Dale Coyne with a naturally aspirated engine is much faster

Do I have to change something from the setups? Or is it a bug?
finally a mod that limits full throttle shifting! some are complaining, but it really adds to the realism of a classic mod. awesome work! the cars are great everywhere, but they really really show their luster on the ovals!
Bloody brilliant, yet again.
The amount of work must have been incredible. The result is epic. I would spend 19.99 € for this. Do you have paypal?
Thank you so much for this mod, it`s what i waited the for!
Please do more like this ( american racing stuff before 2000) in the future
Richard Wilks
Richard Wilks
Thank you!
These cars are a real challenge to drive. I wish there was an option to turn off the throttle lift haha. Is there any specific options for the AI?
Gorgeous cars, great sound, and terrific choice of subject matter for this mod. Perfect complement to the CART Extreme mod.
These cars are a thrilling challenge to drive. THANK YOU.
This mod is an absolute masterpiece. I'm a huge CART/IndyCar fan and having a comprehensive list of cars from a whole season is incredible. Cars are a complete blast to throw around once you figure out how to drive them (many frustrating laps grinding gears when starting out!) Just wish there was a high quality version of Indianapolis out there for AMS....
Good mod. It could have more functional gears and better FOV. Is there package of tracks and oval version for this car?
Richard Wilks
Richard Wilks
The oval versions are in the mod.
high quality mod in all aspects
amazing guys, really nice mod
I'm also having problems with gears, something seems to be off.

Car model is alright ,interior seems to look a bit dated compared to other good classic open wheelers, fix this and the gears and this could be good.

Thanks for the upload!
Richard Wilks
Richard Wilks
You and everybody having problems with the gears, you have to LIFT when you change gear, just like the real thing.
The best there is.
Richard Wilks
Richard Wilks
THank you!
Fantastic. Fanatical attention to detail (just what we love). Only let down by some blocky tire graphics.
Richard Wilks
Richard Wilks
Thank you!
Richard Wilks
Richard Wilks
Thank you!
I wanted to ask a question, the mod works well, but when I go through marches, it goes from revolutions, you have to modify something ???
Richard Wilks
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