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  1. Richard Wilks

    CART Extreme Alternative Physics 2019-06-30

    This is just a small physics patch, not a total rework, but the base Mod is really good, so i just tweaked things a little to get it where i wanted it. Expect cars to be a bit more forgiving on road courses, but less so on super speedways, and the driving to be more dynamic. Not a lot of...
  2. Richard Wilks

    ISO Phoenix 1988 1.0

    Recreated for cart 88, this is the scratch modelled Phoenix 1988 brought to AMS, the perfect venue to start a season with our 1988 cart mod!
  3. Richard Wilks


    One of the best rf1 mods makes it's way to AMS! Totally revamped, reworked physics, tweaked sounds and graphics, and making use of all AMS's new features, such as proper turbo implementation or flatspots. Using real data, extensibly researched, tested and worked on, this mod is quite possibly...