ISO VLM GTPC Conversion

ISO VLM GTPC Conversion 2020-01-14

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Finally we can share with the community this work of passion!

In my humble opinion, Bias Ply tires haven't been that well understood or represented in cars with high downforce in simulators or mods. My continued work in for International sim racing organization and their mods on classic cars has been focused on finally bringing these highly anticipated road warriors of yesteryear to the virtual landscape, avoiding the typical "if it has tons of downforce, it must be glued to the track" mentality, using real data and real numbers to produce real results. Get ready for the best group C cars in the world of simracing!

** Important!!!!!**

You MUST pick the correct upgrade in the showroom for the car you picked, for example, if you picked Jackie Ickx SPA, you must pick the SPA upgrade for it.


Due to the 500 Megabytes upload limit, the mod is broken into 4 parts. You will need 7zip to extract.

CLICK ON VERSION HISTORY to download all parts.
Richard Wilks
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Latest reviews

Excellent mod. For those who not know how to unpack a split archive file, google it. It's unfair to rate this 1 or even 3 stars if you don't know how to use a zipped file.
Beautiful conversion! It's a pity that I dont hear the original music of the mod (which I composed back then for virtua_lm ;) ) but it's a must have mod for any platform. I hope to see it one day at assetto corsa as well
Use 7-Zip to unpack it, it will create a new packed file without part 1 till 4.
Open that and you have Series folder and Gamedata folder, drag them into your AMS dir. Done :)
best mod ever for rfactor, and now best mod for AMS. Thanks Richard
wowowow Amazing!!!!!
I already like the Virtua LM's mods for rfactor; they have realized certainly the best mods ever for f1c and rfactor. No doubt this conversion will rocks ! Thanks a thousand of time to your work Richard !
seriously, i want to install it very bad but how the hell am i supposed to do if the 1st part of the aarchive is damaged and the others is not explained anywhere how one should do to install? please write something clear on the install process, and fix the damaged 1st part
This mod is a blast. Great conversion from Virtual LM.
Great mod, thanks heaps........were can i get templates for it?
Richard Wilks
Richard Wilks
Thanks! That i wouldn't know, sorry :(
Truly exceptional work!!
error part 1
wow, just wow!! fantastic mod, thank you :)
Thank you
This drives so exquisitely and the nuances between tyre compounds are "super cool", you can just sense the potential this has for long races against other human drivers. It fortunately doesn't drive like the virtua LM release but instead by what I've read, heard and watched.
I cannot understand the reviews of 3 stars or less, especially people who can't unpack this correctly or those like the automatic transmission guy who doesn't lift the throttle (it would be not just wrong but also cheating if the mod let you get away with that).
I loved the Ferrari 288 and can't wait for future material.
Im not able to unpacked i dont know why :(
Big thanks for second life of great mod for rf1, developed 5(?) years!
awesome ...
Why did no one say this is a mod with like 100 car combinations and about the most comprehensive Group C available now for any Sim and not just Group C either.
Thank You veeerry much ;)
Seems pretty **** as far as I can tell. Same BS from the ancient version from years ago. almost unplayable.
Richard Wilks
Richard Wilks
And you are clearly a troll...
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