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Irwindale FD 1

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Irwindale Speedway FD Layout

Formula Drift 2016-2018 layout
Whats new from irwindale_v4?
1: New textures
2: Added new 3d models
3: New wall colliders
4: Re-shaped the layout
5: Light .ini
6: 11 camera angles
7: 40 Pits

(FAQ at the bottom of the page)




Lights Updated
.ini is in the extension path folder you downloaded with the track

Track: Simply drag and drop irwindale_fd into Content Manager!

Lights: Follow the extension path in the folder you downloaded for the lights.
You will also need AC Custom Shader Patch, and a weather mod like SOL to run with lights)

  • If you have irwindale_v4 delete it. irwindale_fd is the final version.
  • If you would like to edit my track for a competition such as VDC or any other series PLEASE contact me to get approval through direct message. Otherwise please don't edit my track as i may come out with updates in the future.
  • If you have any questions feel free to contact me via message.

Track was made by me

Tracks i have made in AC:
Irwindale Speedway
Grange Motor Circuit
Willow Springs Balcony
Willow Springs Stadium
Adams Motorsports Park
The Compound

I go by ( xJelloxx, Jello, or | Jello | ) if you need to contact me.
Discord: xJelloxx#2299

Let me answer your questions before you ask me..

1: no you cannot change the name to something else. Must Stay as irwindale_FD or Irwindale FD (unless you are staff from VDC and have contacted me)

2: This track is to stay as a RaceDepartment link! that means no taking it out and putting it in your own google drive and so on. if you want to share with your friends simply give them the track link from RaceDepartment...

3: The videos i provided in the post are of the line/course! Or go look up Formula Drift Irwindale videos on youtube.

4: you dont have permission to edit this track! if you would like to use it in one of your comps then it stays as Iwindale FD with the FD layout. nothing more nothing less. This means you are not allowed to edit in your own layout. (The only people who have permission are VDC STAFF)

5: if you do not know how to install something i have posted please check the entire thread. i have explained.


Latest updates

  1. Irwindale FD update

    Quick update, 1 model update, 1 model left to update.
  2. Irwindale FD update

    40 pits slight shader and texture changes

Latest reviews

I love the track. Spot on, even the pits. I am struggling where to place the included INI file. basically no idea how to get the lights to work.
Game crashes when trying to play this track.
The tracks looks good. But I have problems finding the right way to drive. A map (or some AI line) would have been nice.
| Jello |
| Jello |
Look up Formula Drift Irwindale 2018 videos on youtube, or take a look at the two videos i have posted with the link.
damn this is amazing! you literally made the tracks that i've been looking for considering i'm local to so-cal!
This is greatest Irwindale, It's exactly same as I drove Nascar late model in 2005. Is it possible to change to nascar track?
Awesome track! @Jello could you get in contact with me on Discord (robertborowik is my username).

I run and would like to use this track and potentially some others in a virtual drifting championship.
| Jello |
| Jello |
sure, ill shoot you a message. thanks for the feeback as well.
Really love this track,feels so nice every time you get a clean run through it!
| Jello |
| Jello |
love the track great work man!
| Jello |
| Jello |
Glad you are enjoying it! Thanks!
| Jello |
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