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Iron Man F1 Helmet Final

Awesome Helmet made compatible with F1 2014

  1. Chris.[215]
    So yoshikanji made an awesome Iron Man helmet for F1 2012 a while back.
    Well i loved that helmet, so I dug up my file and modded the helmet to fit the f1 2014 system.
    So here you go.
    Remember it's not my work, I just made it compatible so you guys can carry on loving this helmet.

    Screens: 2014-12-10_00001.jpg 2014-12-10_00005.jpg 2014-12-10_00006.jpg
    #notice Cpt. Brake Assistant (coop mate)
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Recent Reviews

  1. igearzone16
    Version: Final
    awesome bro. its bad ass.. dude, please make a batman helmet!!!!
  2. atichecker
    Version: Final
    Iron Man RULES
  3. zuhaitz667
    Version: Final
    :o amazing
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