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Team Ford Shadow Racing [Replaces Force India] 0.0

Shadow Racing F1 Team powered by Ford. Replaces Force India

  1. Chris.[215]
    So I basically I had this idea to f*ck up my whole game.
    After having success I decided to redo the Force India F1 Team.
    After fooling around a bit I had the idea do modernize the old "Shadow F1 Team" from the seventies and this was the result.​




    Mod includes:
    • Skin for Car
    • Driver suits (livery_00/01)
    • Driver models
    • Steering wheel
    • Garage
    • Pit crew skins
    • Team Logo
    • language file (Team Name) [language_ENG]
    • Racing crew skins
    • Bad puns you won't understand
    How to install:
    Just copy and paste ****, you know how to install this. Just remember to backup files.

    Team replaces Force India. Remember to change all files to prevent unwanted game crashes or errors.
    Steering wheel is based of SimTex's high res wheels.

    Known bugs:
    Team flag still Indian instead of American. Will fix in the future.

    Have fun with the mod! :)


    1. 1.jpg
    2. 2.jpg
    3. 3.jpg
    4. 4.jpg
    5. 5.jpg
    6. 6.jpg
    7. 7.jpg
    8. 8.jpg
    9. 9.jpg

Recent Reviews

    Version: 0.0
    Nice mod man and sutil power!!
  2. DrMcBubbles
    Version: 0.0
    Seems awesome! might try it in the future
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