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International Formula Master 2009

International Formula Master 2009 1.3

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  • New damage graphic
  • Adjusted driver hands
  • Adjusted FFB multiplier
  • Adjusted proview mode settings
  • Compiled into data.acd
Formula Master 1_2.jpg


  • New graphic buttons
  • New preview screens
  • Fixed collider pivot point
  • Fixed TC and ABS to default off
  • Added Rossi alternative HiTech livery
  • Added Provenzano altertnative Trident livery
  • Added Hillclimb stand alone add on
  • Fixed aero to be compatible with version 1.1.5 of AC
  • Adjusted tire and wheel rim shaders
  • Fixed cockpit carbon shader
  • Fixed AO layer on wc car extra (sidepods and wings)
  • Fixed sound.ini error log
  • Fixed digital instruments.ini error log
  • Adjusted tyre slip curve
  • Fixed aero log issues
  • Adjusted suspension geometry
  • Rainlight default to off
  • Added rearlight options to “YOUR CAR” folder
  • Adjusted driver hands
  • Fixed and eliminated the green bar at end of digital led display on the steering wheel
  • Adjusted and changed digital display output on steering wheel
  • Fixed Seatbelt mesh
  • Updated and adjusted sounds for version 1.1.5
  • Fixed white box pop-in graphics bug issue on the front and back rims of the lods
  • Optimized lods for better fps