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Hungaroring 0.9.5

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Authorized Conversion

Original Creator : 6e66o and friends

Corverted to Assetto Corsa by: Tiago Lima

Full Grid/ Garages 20 Pit boxes
Hotlap working
sectors working

Thanks to :
Mitja Bonca for beta testing and the ai's
mrk37 for letting me using his textures





About Donate: I din't Start the conversions with the interest of wining some money , but since i have no real work , and if you want to buy me a beer here it is the donate option , the donation is not from the tracks but for the time i take in them

Thanks For All coments
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Latest updates

  1. Hungaroring Update

    -Reworked tarmac texture , and shader values -New Grass Texture -New Sand / Gravel Texture...

Latest reviews

Way too bumpy
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great job
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it's not driveable in singleplayer. Most Ai-cars crash at the racestart, the rest drive very very slow to the chicane and crash, and after minutes all ai-cars retired
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we need an update for this track pls. Cars on mulitplayer under the track or in the air.
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Needs high res track mesh
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Many thanks - good track! :)
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very cool
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Amazing! :) Thx a lot :)
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Good Job
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Excellent ! Very good job ! thx !
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great track camera please
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Amazing, some improves can be made for better quality but this track is amazing, congratulations and keep work hard. Obs : Can you implement a TV Cam????
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Another quality track, brilliant, thanks
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nice textures and enviroment, very good tarmac surface and the grip is fine, one of the best track mods.
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mini map nothing?
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Thank you !!
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Good improvements, lessened the arcadey appearance of some areas on the grid.
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Good work for first export, I think you have to adjust the barriers of the track, the AI in most places thinks that the grass is tarmac (well, at this moment the grass behaves like tarmac). I've also made a new AI lane with the official AI recorder I'll try to upload it.
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Tiago Lima
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