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Honda Acty Truck (HA3) Ver 1.0

No permission to download
Sorry, nice idea, very nice car but horrible movement right-left of the steering
This mod is really cool, but I can't use it when I want to play online, can this be fixed?

it says "Cannot join the server: no available slot"
Love this little truck, feels a lot faster than it is, specially when driving it on one of the Japanese touge tracks. Model is spot on, has all the details that matters, except missing blur rims, interior lighting and LODs, but they're only minor things. Thanks for sharing this little gem!
Well done!!! It is a cool quirky little truck, looks great and functions very well. I added a slightly more powerful option for the tracks with longer straights and can confirm a Porsche 911 RSR engine + Turbo, 6spd H-Pattern on the standard tires is not a very good idea at all.
very fun little transporter, only thing that keeps me from 5/5'ing is the missing unique name for the soundbank (/!\ Tatuus FA01 it says in CM) which can potentially overwrite sounds for other cars while you are in game.
Overall an extremely fun and good looking mod.
This is a 5-star level of modding. Though I need to point that the car sounds way too low to the point EV cars sounds louder than this. But other than that great job!

Also wondering if you intend to do other kei cars & trucks, hope you do!
love it!
Haven't seen a model this good in a long time. Really, really well done. Whole lot of fun to drive too - only thing I would add is a more fitting collider model, and perhaps some LODs.
Otherwise, super high quality. Most paymods don't hold a candle to this :)
top-notch work! I love that you included a version that is used with the rust and dirt, clearly this mod is made with care. This heavily reminds me of our 90s Suzuki Carry that my dad used to have, it would be cool if you can make that too, but thats just a suggestion. Thank you for making this
Great for multiclass races with Gary's JS8.
Very nice mod, K-Cars are awesome
Great job, thanks! I like it
Highly detailed small little truck great job
Quite a fun car. Love the crazy bodyroll. And it has CSP support as well. Nice job!
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