Highlands Summer CM Skin

Highlands Summer CM Skin 1.0

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AC VERSION=1.16 (Custom Shaders Patch)
ABOUT=(CM) skin maded by editing/replacing, color correction of basic textures

In this skin were edited all road/asphalt, buildings, rocks, vegetation textures
This mod for using with CM (Content Manager), but can be used without it, as default track's skin by putting texture's files into ks_highlands\skins\default\ - folder
To use version of more bright roads put files from _asphalt_v1_bckup.rar to any skin

Including VAO Patch

All shots maded with Highlands free roam modification - LINK

VAO patch can be any other from available. Difference between them not so big. Vertex-AO patch file add or improving already added (baked) shadows for various track's objects and in overall making "scene" with more natural depth.

Kind regards,
Alexander S.
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Great Work,looks realy beautiful
Thank you.
Good work Alexander, many thanks!
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