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Winter Nordschleife CM Skin

Winter Nordschleife CM Skin 1.2

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AC VERSION=1.16 (Custom Shaders Patch)
ABOUT=(Content Manager) skin maded by editing/replacing, color correction of basic textures

Skin is based on 2 skins maded by @deem

Were edited road/asphalt, some buildings, objects and vegetation.
This mod for using with CM (Content Manager), but can be used without it, as default track's skin by putting texture's files into ks_nordschleife\skins\default\ - folder

Visually good (tested) with clear (sunny with clouds), haze, mist, light rain weather conditions


Better to use with VAO patch (download from CSP Discord (https://discord.gg/v8qgVP5), GitHub or by CM)

Pack was wrong, install 1.2

With best,
Alexander S.

ad_porsche_991_mk2_gt3_s2   ks_nordschleife 0810_122019.jpg


ad_porsche_959   ks_nordschleife 0506_122019.jpg



Latest reviews

This skin is awesome, thx!!
BUT, I can't get my green hell normal skin back !!
Please give information on how to do thid (as asked by another user in comments).
I have uninstall the skin in CM, erased the ks_Nord, and then re-downloaded it with the steam games files checking...With NO results, always the great snow skin...great but, I sometimes want to drive the original one...
Think, your "issue" resolved already?
how do i revert to original ?, this skin is affecting other tracks that should not be winter like this, nordschleife looks awesome with this but i wanna unninstal (i dont have CM full, so cant manage tracks)
It's not. This is just one skin for a one track and it's can't affect anything else.
Your "issue" - is CM/Sol seasonal adjustments options, which is doing all your tracks looking relative time/season.
great work!
Fantastic work
nice work . thank You
you did a great job with this skin!
Most credits going to @deem for his winter (and other) skins. It's just improved version in direction to reality
As always fantastic job Alexander!
Grtz Paul
Greets, Paul. Thanks)
thx, but not your work and idea - 4/5. If u re still on modding plz give us a snow cleard track like we have after a snow plow truck runs over
Great Stuff Big thx makes Driving more ambient before Chrismas ;)
Very nice - thanks! Beautiful photos too.
I darkened the road a tiny amount in PS just to get a little contrast with the grass, but that's just personal preference.
This already done, but yes - can be darker and will look good.
Looks Great!
Worked right away in Content Manager.
Is this "Visual Only" or is Grip Level less than normal?
Visual only. May be in future CSP with CM will give option to set various grip (at least, 2 sets of wet condition), but now - no information about.
Gran Muchas Gracias =)
Makes me really feeling christmassy and that in Assetto Corsa . thx
Nice.. Wish to know, if you installed v1.2, be cause previous packages were wrong.
File size
54.2 MB
First release
Last update
User rating
4.85 star(s) 13 ratings

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