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HDR profile Poznan 1.0

HDR, poznan, rfactor2, Tosch

  1. Ian Franssen
    Made by Tosch.

    This time I made three profiles because I tried some different things with the lightning.
    PoznanV4 is some kind of standard profile.
    With PoznanV6gamma I tried to give the track a desaturated look. I reduced the direct sunlight and increased the Gamma (2.3).
    PoznanV9contrast is the opposite. The Gamma is reduced and there is a huge difference between direct and indirect light, which results in dark shadows and saturated colors.

    As always all profiles have a reduced autoexposure. (Better visibility from cockpit view in tintops)
    Tweaked lightning for sunrise, sunset.
    All profiles have some bloom for the brightest objects.



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