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Hayosiko 4x4 2.0

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The Hayosiko SUCKS in handling and then i had a thought. The uncle uses it for a construction company and terrain there is questionable... so making it awd would be a logical solution.

To use mod: left click shifter knob to toggle between 2wd and 4x4. forward is 2wd, back is 4x4. you MUST be standing still in order to shift. I mean you can try to shift without being still but uhhh.... You might not have the best of luck.


Disclaimer: Possible increased Fuel consumption and speedy driving resulting in death not compensated by mod authors insurance use at your own risk.

Bugs: Can shift freely in reverse. Unable to fix.

how to install: drag contents of zip into your mod folder.
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4.42 star(s) 19 ratings

Latest updates

  1. 2.0 realism change.

    Unsyncronized transfer cases are hard to shift when moving. The solution is to stop or else you...
  2. Version 1.7, boot

    Added a shift boot to the lever and adjusted shift position so it's easier to click the lever...
  3. 4x4 hayosiko update edit

    Corrected it to right version after a certain idiot(me) forgot to update the dll file.
  4. Added lever on the floor that you use via mouse to toggle 4x4.

    revised entire mod and made it so you need to click lever on floor to toggle mode. More coming...

Latest reviews

Please, upload this mod!
Answer.This is **** mod because don't work. Any other mods working
dosen't work for me but this is two many errors
Doesnt work for me. Any solutions?
wheres front drivetrian
An excellent question. Introducing this amazing new concept called, L A Z I N E S S. As well as hooking it up to the suspension would be a nightmare.
Great mod. Gives the Hayosiki 4x4 capability and increases it's top speed, what more could you need to deliver your precious kilju.
Very well done, works great!
can you do something like that for satsuma?
I will only do realistic mods. The satsuma was never offered with factory 4x4 and as such I will never produce it.
I can not find which key I'm working with
very cool, great job.
Very nice
very good
wow mod
Van is way smoother and faster now
finally the van actually has use now
Syka-Blyat) го еще что-нибудь с Rusco, например: другие диски.
С помощью google translate, что вы имеете в виду под другим диском? Ruscko не был отправлен с полным приводом, и поэтому я не буду этого делать. Я только делаю реалистичные моды.
Good work!