Backup Beeper because Topless hasn't 1.1


  1. talianagisan
    So Topless hasn't added this to the dang Gifu yet so I did it myself well, ajanhallinta did after my failed coding attempt. Have fun (i'm not going to tweak the sound distance much more really sorry i did my best).

    How to use the mod: Put Gifu in reverse. That's it. the sound will play when ever Gifu is running and in reverse (so put her in neutral when you're doing jobs).

    If anybody knows a better sound for the mod please, suggest it to me and i might change it!

    Install: drop the contents of the zip into your MSC mods folder.

    Video of Game Hard 4.0 using my mod. Thank you game hard!

    TODO: Add it to where handbrake also cuts backup beep sound, this is subjected to change however.

    Credits: ajanhallinta for basically writing a whole new file after i went to him with my failed code, Me for the idea and writing the origional code idea, Topless you glorious bastard for the game.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Andy Play`sGame`s
    Andy Play`sGame`s
    Version: 1.1
    5 stars buddy
  2. dwight23
    Version: 1.1
    so great it so real man thanks top less needs to higher u guyz lol
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