GTR2 Targa Florio Fix

GTR2 Targa Florio Fix 1.3

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GTR2 Targa Florio Fix V1.3

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Archive size = 68 Mo
Archive MD5 checksum = 8eb9dab1f992f34abc7627ffbc5aedce

Description :
This is only a fix so you need to download and install original GTR2 TARGA FLORIO V1.0 by TheSky & NeelJ !!!
This fix is intended to allow low end PC to run this great track with 2Gb only.

Disk space requirement : 176 Mo
Fully compatible with PnG3 and GTR2
Online mismatch (unless your league server uses this fix)

Changelog :
Initial release to fix low FPS & Crash To Desktop

updated TRK/AIW
added road fix (thanks to leon_90 for advices)

updated TRK/AIW/GDB
updated textures (thanks to leon_90 for advices)

- reduced road bumps (thanks to Shovas and Miguel for advices)

Usage Disclaimer :
This mod is PRIVATE (need registration to RACEDEPARTMENT.COM to download it), this is a non-profit work made by passion for old gem GTR2 and provided as is, without warranty of any kind, use it at your own risk.
You are permitted to install and play this mod for private home use only, any commercial or public uses are forbidden.
It is forbidden to convert/modify any materials, or use it as part of another mod without written permission.
The original source is only available at RACEDEPARTMENT.COM
Archive was tested with Kaspersky AV and to be sure that the archive you have downloaded was not modified then compare MD5 checksum with the one available at RACEDEPARTMENT.COM

- first install GTR2 TARGA FLORIO V1.0 by TheSky & NeelJ
- Copy both GameData + UserData folders in your GTR2 or PnG3 directory (overwrite ALL)

- Regular version is the lightest so try this one first
- set graphic details on low/medium first and if it works then try to increase details (shadows are the most FPS hungry)
- choose hood/bumper view for max fps

Credits :
GTR233 for fix
leon_90 for reporting road issue, advices and beta testing
NeelJ & TheSky for GTR2 TARGA FLORIO
POWER & GLORY mod GDB lighting by GTL WORKSHOP (special thanks to David Wright and DucFreak)
SIMBIN/Blimey!/10Tacle Studios for GTR2
Shovas and Miguel Batista for road bumps advice
TARGA TEAM for original GPL Targa Florio track

GTR233, 2019.
File size
68.1 MB
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 4 ratings

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Latest reviews

Awesome job,thanks !
The graphics is excellent, just to drive 30 km/h and admire the details. :)
AIW GPL вылет на рабочий стол 2 раза в одном месте.
Hi alex, unfortunately I can't do much, indeed AIW GPL is the heavier version so if it does not work then try the other versions : HISTORIC is a bit lighter, and REGULAR (this is the one I recommend) is the lightest with better FPS and lower memory usage.
You can try to set graphic settings on LOW before launching the AIW GPL, I hope that will help you to run it.
Very useful!