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GoKart 0.5c

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125cc ones are great fun!
These karts are an absolut joy to drive and have fun with. Thanks!
Very good, recomend to turn down volume for users... im now deaf.
Really fun to drive and AI seems to handle them very well.
However, some specific tracks can't handle a full field (game will crash on those), there seem to be clashes, especially with modded tracks. I absolutely love driving against the AI in the 125cc shifter kart in the short version of Highlands and modded tracks like Donington Park. 9/10, excellent mod. Thank you!
This Kart mod is something we always come back to after a long day. Having a practice session with your mates and racing a little bit is always great fun. The physics are insanely fun as the karts allow you to slide or drive clean with relative ease.

Everyone should try this mod with a few friends.
Track recommendation for this mod: Sportsland Yamanashi
Amazing! However I've noticed there's more of a performance hit using these karts as opposed to using normal modded cars. Would love a performance update, then these would be perfect!!
REALLY GOOD KARTS! But on races the ai karts don't really go off the line at all. So it needs fixing.
Vraiment cool, puis le son du 2T que l'on retrouve dans aucun jeux
Tried the 125 and 50 models and really enjoyed both on some karting tracks. Force Feedback default setup works really well on a my Thrustmaster TMX and after a slight camera positioning adjustment in-game, is brill in VR too!
Very enjoyable to race these karts. The 125 Shifter Karts are my favourites. It would be nice to have shifters in more than one class - but i'm not complaining.
great but not realistic. wheels dont lock up with hard braking, way too grippy, and no midrange torque.
the seating positionis awful, but they drive deacent
great job
Its okay but feels pretty different than real-life karts
You can only setup camber but what about TOE at least. The mod can be better if we had more things to tweak to make the kart more drivable. I drive Birel karts with 125cc X30 motors and in the mod it lacks midrange torque.
Very good. Thank you for the great work.
how to drive this thing? i put it i 1st gear and nothing happens?
Wow :D