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GMC P3500 (Van) / Nissan NP35 (Group C) Value Pak 1.0

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As part of the "One Week" label Jackson and I are making cars fast and bad. Ok, to be clearer. I'm building the 3d model quickly, he's working with extremely limited physics data, and the end result is a car that no-one sensible would have added to the game (due to lack of info both ways), and really very few people would be picking to drive anyway.

In 1990 the Group C rules were modified to limit horsepower and top speeds. Rather than big turbo power, Nissan had to develop a naturally aspirated, 3.5L V12. They did so by 1992, it didn't work too well, the class essentially stopped existing at the end of the year anyway with very few entries to the 1993 series, and the Nissan P35 was never raced. Its development, the Nissan NP35, ran one race in the All Japan Sports Prototype Championship, finished poorly, and that was that.

It has a lot of downforce, a little horsepower, and some fairly rearward aero balance that makes it quite stable to just hammer down and go. It's a lot faster round corners than even 1990 Group Cs, but loses on the straights, making it not great for racing.


Unzip the 7zip file to your assettocorsa/content/cars folder to create assettocorsa/content/cars/oneweek_p35.

One car, two LODs (top and mid for now, likely to add lower in a future patch)
Four skins, the real one the car raced in and 3 fictional.
Engine sounds from a Kunos car because you really don't want to hear the kind of sound clips I can author.


- Stereo: model, textures, skins
- mclarenf1papa: physics, advice

Oh, and there's a Van, too.
Twice the download, twice the fun. This van comes with 24 expertly made skins including such popular options as "used to be blue" and "emergency carpet cleaning".

The combined P35 Project allowed the creation of two vehicles in perfect parallel - finish the mirrors on one, do mirrors on the other. Make a texture on one, make it on the other. Only the NP35 was mentioned publically for obvious reasons relating to an April 1 prank.

The GMC Value Van 35, also known as model P3500, is a 1 ton truck with GM 454 cubic inch power plant, that made nearly 200 horsepower from the factory. In this case "1 ton" means a max load of roughly 2.5 tons. It is not fast in ways the NP35 can only dream of. Step vans are meant for stop and go city use so it has a pretty extreme granny gear in its 4 speed transmission.

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Latest reviews

Good job
awesome renditon of one of the most spectacular sportscars that never raced. Thanks!
Yes it lacks a little in Topspeed, but oh boy does that thing go around corners. In Highlands long my right foot almost went numb, as you only have to lift like 3-4 times.

Awesome mod....but could this car seriously not crack the 300k barrier? 290 I think was the max I could squeeze out of it (Highlands long, Nordschleife and Hockenheim 88)
Handles very nice good across the top of the mountain (Bathurst) just needs more top end speed but i love this car tho
Yall are doing Gods work here. Kudos
Excellent car! TY!
Thank you so much for this mod! - I looked up and compared lap times and this mod results are very accurate!

Really great and amazing car, I learned a lot when I did my research. 5/5
Gracias y gran trabajo ¡¡¡¡¡
Incredible for One Week project. Thanks guys
Thanks !
that NP35 is great to drive, but there's a slight issue with the aero: with the other group C cars(Sauber C9, Mazda 787B and Porsche 962C), I outrun them in the turns, but when we get to a big straight, they fly past me while I'm still doing 250/260kph. I think that you need to revisit the aero. the car accelerates just like the other group C cars, but at around 200kph, it starts to being distanced by the other cars. otherwise, it's a nice model and the GMC is also a fun one
I wanted to sit on it before writing a review and... just thank you so much. This means so much more to me than the formula ford or the upcoming p13c. 90s endurance racing forever!
One of my favorite cars from that era -- Thanks!
Muchas Gracias :)
P35 is an excellent car to drive. Unlike many mods, it has an excellent stock setup. This car is very fast with great turn it.
Ah yes a pleasure but please ask To Ac fan on racedepartment for sound mod 312t is not the way.
With him you can go to another level
Great work...Thank you
very nice car. First Group C car from the 3.5L era and it's super!
Great car, fast on high speed corners
here's my skin