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Glowing light switch markers

Glowing light switch markers 1.0.0

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This is a simple mod that places small glowing strips above light switches. Useful for finding your way out of your room if Jokke calls.

If your mod has a light switch that's the child of the LightSwitches object, it'll get the same glowing strip.
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Latest reviews

How do I install
better than flashlight
extremely useful
super useful
Needed in vanilla!
Excellent idea, even after 50 hours i still struggle to find the light switches in pitch black darkness
Why is not present in Vanilla Game? XD
thx man it really helped me now i dont need to use flash light to find switches in night :D
Its a really helpfull mod in night if you did not payed the bills :D
But could you make the glowing strip too for the Closepit mod in garage? make 2 folders one with and one without. Please thanks.
Good idea, I'm not going to pay any more bills. kkkkkk
This is what modding is about! The player apparently has debilitating night-blindness. I thought Finnish summer was never pitch black anyways :)
Awesome must-have mod. It would be perfect if the glow turned off when the lights are on (like it is in real life switches)
This is so cool! I always sleeped with my lights turned on and now i will get lower electricity bill! I like your work!
Essential mod, helps a lot! Great work!
Very nice it could be wonderful if you could add this on doors handles and ignition switches
very good
Very nice mod)
now i can sleep without turned on lights)
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User rating
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