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Carry More (backpack alternative) 1.4.3

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I've moved my mods to the Nexus and I invite all developers to join.

This is a mod I made as an alternative to what is arguably the best mod for MSC because everyone should be able to carry all the groceries in in one trip. Features a lightweight menu that lists the items in the backpack. Not under active development, but it will be maintained for as long as possible.

E to pick up an item.
X to toggle inventory list.
Y to drop the last item.
Ctrl + Y to drop all items (and scatter them all over the house).
Ctrl + X to show the mod settings.

Needs the latest version of MSC Mod Loader. Works on the experimental branch.

  • Can't empty the backpack by activating a UI control. Currently settings can only be applied if the backpack is emptied manually.
    • DropAll() might only work in Update(), but UI interaction happens in OnGui().
    • DropAt() might have been implemented incorrectly.
  • Bugfixes and performance improvements.
  • A reliable way to save the contents of the backpack without causing a lootsplosion.
  • XxFazeGamer900 for unlocking the mouse cursor.
  • UltraJohn for the original mod.

The previous version (v1.3.1) can be downloaded here.
Source code for my mods are available on GitHub (GNU GPL-3.0-or-later).

Latest updates

  1. Hotfix 1.4.3

    Changes: Fixed not being able to close the pause menu if the mod's settings UI is closed while...
  2. Hotfix 1.4.2

    Changes: Fixed an issue where this mod locked the mouse cursor for all other mods (thanks to...
  3. Version 1.4.1

    Changes: Mouse cursor is now unlocked when the settings UI is shown (thanks to XxFazeGamer900)

Latest reviews

was working fine but now I can't drop anything
perfect mod and the best thing is you can edit max items you can carry you can do it from (mods/config/mod settings/carry more/settings.xml
do not carry Ratchet set to save and load
rhis still work ? tierd of driving manny time to store get all i ned ?
is there an option for changing color of text item you holding, i can bearly read stuff .. and some time while using more then 10 item the text scale and shows in center would be glad to have it tile horrizontally on page like multiple entieris side by side in stack of ten
amazing mod but lost some items when i saved how can i get them back
top big thanks
Simple but just as useful a feature to have. :D
very nice
Nice mod but where my stuff go when i die? I cant find them anywhere!
works well. very useful
Very good
Handy, but, er, I picked up bucket, sugar and yeast, amd when i put it down, the bucket was full and bubbled when i put the lid on, although the sugar and yeast still show as in inventory, but can't put them down?
Nice!!Хорошо очень хорошо!!!
i put steel tire(can get hunted house) in the bag and load save, steel tire remove and can't find anymore even save editor
can you make a download keybinds.json because there isnt one for me but else for that excelent
there is no file for assets in the download so it doesn't work for me, this would probably be the best mod if it worker =/ fix if you can/have time even though you probably have better things to do
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4.55 star(s) 53 ratings

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