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GID Plugin working on v1.31 2015-04-06


  1. Franklin Stegink

    First backup your d3d9.dll file.
    Extract the rar file into your GSC folder and overwrite if it asked.

    After that rename GSC.exe to rFactor.exe

    When you want to go back to orginal settings:

    Delete in your GSC folder:

    After this copy your backupped d3d9.dll into the folder and overwrite.
    At last rename rFactor.exe to GSC.exe

    Good luck.

Recent Reviews

  1. aldo gomes
    aldo gomes
    Version: 2015-04-06
    Dont work in the steams version
  2. PirxThePilot
    Version: 2015-04-06
    Renaming GSC.exe is a little strange, but once you get beyond that this mod is pretty cool.
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